Artist:  Nutrajet

Venue: Rios, Bradford 

Date: 16 December 2000  

The moment we walked out of the snow and into the Rio we knew we were going to have a great time. Following on from a rather disappointing local group called Darwin, who were supposed to warm up the crowd but really sent them off the sleep, Nutrajet bounded on to the stage again. As soon as they revved into the first song we knew that that first gig wasn't a fluke at all, these guys are amazing every song, every night.

The Rio gig had a much more packed room with people who seemed to actually want to be there as opposed to those that had stumbled in blindly at Hartlepool. It was Saturday night now and every was all dressed up and ready to party. Even the drummer Jeff was all dressed to kill in his white frilly shirt. To say the chaps were as good as the Hartlepool gig would be to do them an injustice. Not only were they as good but lead singer Greg seemed to feed off the crowd and really set about taking some victims.

Their songs are definitely rock, sometimes a bit punky as in Generation X and the Ramones type of punk rock as opposed to the Sex Pistols in your face music. Lead singer Greg pouted and pulled faces like only a true pro can, in fact if he had slapped on a bit of make-up he would have looked like a young David Bowie in his Ziggy days. Must have been his elfin like features and the way he moved around the stage.

The blur from behind was at it again, the beat was pounding as we watched Jeff's boyish mop of curly fair hair bob across the top of the drum rims. Occasionally he would jump up onto his seat and then smash back down to the drums with a deafening drum roll. WOW! what can you say? There are no words in the dictionary to describe how good these chaps are, except WOW! If you don't believe me then go check them out for yourself.

OH AH, OH AH, OH AH! Celebrity Fist! Celebrity Fist! ..... beware these songs should carry a health warning as they etch themselves onto your very skull and stay there, playing havoc with your brain cells.


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