Artist:  Pitchshifter 

Venue: Newcastle University, Newcastle

Date: 21 September 2000  

Fresh from a successful US invasion on the Ozzfest, Pitchshifter return home to promote their latest album Deviant.  Bringing along soon to be huge Sona Fariq, and on their first ever UK appearance The Workhorse Movement

This was the first date of the tour, the venue was packed and things kicked off in spectacular fashion with Sona Fariq. Becoming famous for the hyperactive stage show, this band really has to be seen live to be appreciated! Mixing Metal, Punk and Ragga, they played songs from their self titled debut Album. Including: "Drop the Bomb", "Do not return", "Love you Crazy".

Next on stage for their first ever UK appearance was The Workhorse Movement. 
The songs are all very similar - rapped vocals, chanted chorus, but with explosive dynamics and band members that spend 90% of the set crowd surfing!

Most of the set came from their third album, "Sons of the Pioneers", including the monster 'Keep the Sabbath Dream Alive'. A successful debut by anyone's standards!

Former Industrial pioneers, now techno-metal-industrial-angry-political pioneers. The headlining band take to the stage.  No other band sounds like Pitchshifter.

Playing songs from 'Desensitized', '', and the latest release 'Deviant', each and every one an intense dynamic mix of drum n bass, techno and metal, with some punk thrown in for good measure!

The size of the mosh pit, and the amount of people crowd surfing, showed the appreciation. Every song was greeted with people flying over head at an alarming speed!

After getting the crowd to pay their respects to Boy Bands (If anyone has seen the slogans on the T-shirts, you'll know what I mean!!), the gig came to end.  Slight technical difficulties at the end of the set meant the National anthem intro to 'Un-United Kingdom', was played twice and was greeted with respectful 'salutes' of a single fingered nature!

The dehydration, and big grins of the crowd, said it all! Who needs American 'nu-metal', when we have home grown originality like this? They are original and they're the UK's best kept secret!

Setlist included:

Please Sir
Chump Change
Un United Kingdom
Wafer Thin
Everything's fucked
Dead Battery


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