Artist:  Rachel Stamp

Venue: Newcastle University, Newcastle 

Date: 11 October 2000  

Eagerly anticipated the band take to the stage, the lights shine brightly on our lipstick heroes. This is the band we came to see and sure enough here they are, just feet away from our faces.

They launch into what must be their most popular and well known hit - 'My Sweet Rose'. The crowd go wild and take no time at all to get into the swing of it.

I wonder how they must have felt as they sang that first song and were greeted by hundreds of ecstatic fans mouthing back each and every word of the song like a shoal of goldfish. Lead singer David looked a total glam darling in his pale pink snakeskin top and trouser set.

Shaheena the Canadian beauty stared dark and moodily out across her keyboard at us, no signs of emotion, almost robot like in her ways.

Will was actually sporting quite a blonde rock-a-Billy type hair cut, which went lovely against his sparkly gold shirt. Last but not least we had the most adorable Robin looking like a character out of some children's story book as he perched behind the drum kit in his stripy trousers.

This band should seriously think about getting some sponsorship from the make-up industry, they wear it so well and are an inspiration to their fans.

The set continued with such delights as 'Monster of the new Wave', 'Superstars of Heartache', 'Dirty Bone' and 'Pink Scab'. 'I wanna be your Doll' saw David pout for England, he is such a poser. As soon as 'Spank' came on the crowd erupted again into even more frenzied dancing.

Throughout the whole concert young men and women crowd surfed in the hope of getting closer to the band. At times it seemed there were as many in the air as on the ground.

A great time was had by all. Good to see the fans ranging from about 10 years old up to mid forties. Great atmosphere. The band gave us 150% of their efforts. The songs sounded fantastic, the band looked fabulous, and no one went away disappointed.

After the gig the band came out to meet their adoring fans. Anything and everything was signed, from tickets to CD inserts, flyers to bodily parts. We were having fun and so were the band. Cameras flashed at a dizzying speed, young women mauled the band. Bracelets were exchanged like some bizarre swap shop. The fans loved the band, and the band genuinely enjoyed meeting them.

When a band is this popular you can't help but wonder why they haven't been snapped up by a big recording label. Not many people can make Brian Molko look like G I Joe but these guys can!

Setlist included: My sweet Rose, Monster of the new Wave, I wanna be your Doll, Superstars of Heartache, Dirty Bone, Pink Skab, Spank, Hey hey Michael you're really Fantastic.


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