Artist:  Roachford & David Mead

Venue: Newcastle University, Newcastle  

Date: 22 November 2000  

Support - David Mead

Mr Mead takes to the stage a solitary figure amongst a backdrop of instruments which lie in wait for the headliners. He introduces himself to us as a singer from New York and thanks Roachford for giving him the chance to support them.  The songs are beautiful and melodically sound.

One things for certain, his debut album is guaranteed to be a massive hit if his record company give him the publicity he deserves. The crowd sadly didn't even acknowledge his presence when he sang the first few songs, more their ignorance than his lack of ability as a performer.

Thankfully by the end of the set they had changed their shameful ways and were actually looking for his flyers to find out more about him.

Remember the name as this is definitely one artist who will make it big time.


What seems like a long time overdue Roachford grace Newcastle with their presence once again. Andrew Roachford dressed to kill in a very attractive red shirt and black pants ensemble, this is the king of cool and he looks as fetching as ever.

The set opens with 'One Good Reason'. By now the crowd are deep in, bodies pressing against the stage eager to get a good view of the band. By the time they start to play the opening chords of the second song 'Only to be with You', an all time crowd favourite taken from the Permanent shades of Blue album, they are almost deafened by the screams of delight from the crowd.

Throughout the night it's amazing the sheer volume of the crowd singing back every single word of the songs to the band. If the band were apprehensive about touring again without a new album they needn't have worried. Their fans are out in force and glad to see them back in town.

The hits come one after another, not one disappointing song among them. A handful from each of the past albums, which only serves to remind us how wonderful they all are. Timeless ballads such as 'Lay your Love' and 'Insecurity' pepper the set with Andrew taking up the keyboards to help bring them to life.

 The set wouldn't have been complete without 'Cuddly Toy', which if you remember was the hit single that saw the band rocket into the charts in 1988. Was it really that long ago? The song still sounds as fresh and as funky as it did the first time it was played. A favourite amongst the rock and pop nightclubs at the time, why do they never play it now?

The band leave the stage and wave their goodbyes, but that's not the end of it just yet. With thunderous clapping and shouts from the crowd the band catch their breath for a few seconds before heading back out onstage to do the encore. 'Get Ready' and 'Innocent Eyes' finish the evening off a treat.

Half the fans head off home content at seeing a quality show well worth the 12.50 it cost them, the other half clambered to the stage door and called out for the band to come out, which they duly did.

I may be mistaken but I'm certain I heard Andrew say they were hoping to tour again in the Spring of next year. Fingers crossed I heard right as that's one concert to keep your calendars clear for.


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