Artist:  Spunge

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle  

Date: 1 November 2000  

Having very little knowledge of Spunge before the gig I was surprised to see how many there was of them when they finally took to the stage.

All very casually dressed and a lot younger than I had imagined. The fans crowded forward to the front of the stage the instant they came on, all ready for lift off.

Opening the set with 'Live another Day' the crowd took no time to warm-up and stage diving, crowd surfing and mass invasion soon took over for the majority of the set.

The 2nd song was the hit single 'Idols' which no one could resist dancing along to. A great pick you up song. It was only when they did a cover version of Bob Marley and the Wailers - 'No woman, no Cry' , that things started to slow down a bit. One of the highlights of the set had to be 'Kicking Pigeons', which once again saw mass stage invasion.

As fast as the bouncers pulled a fans there was another 2 appeared.  Things got a bit hectic at times and the band had to hang on to their microphones before they disappeared off the stage with the fans.

Sadly the set was cut suddenly short by the management as soon as the 11 o' clock licence cut-off time arrived.

The band were plunged into silence and darkness, fans still hyper with the adrenalin pumping, no matter how much we shouted, they wouldn't let the band continue for even one last song.

A sad finish to a great gig, next time they will have to come on a weekend when the licence is till 1 am, that's if they ever forgive the management for this cruel ending to such a successful show. Undeterred the band were then mobbed by the fans who weren't about to go home just yet.

Setlist included
: Live Another Day, Idols, No Woman, No Cry, All Gone Wrong, Wake Up Call, All She Ever Wants, Ego, Break Up, Sanitaria, Whitehouse, Kicking Pigeons, Go Away, Roving Eye


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