Artist:  The Teenage Frames

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle 

Date: 1 November 2000  

The Teenage Frames took to the stage dressed ready for action. Lead singer Frankie Delmane, a man whose energy levels know no end as he bounded and contorted around the stage all night.  How he managed to keep that black trilby on his head was anyone's guess.

He playfully thanked the crowd for making him feel at home by also wearing headgear. Although it should be said that none had as much style as his hat had.

The opening song was 'Drug Power' which was an excellent choice because of its aggressiveness and punchy beat. Obviously heavily influenced by the Rolling Stones, Frankie Delmane not only sounded very much like Mick Jagger on this song, but also has the same stage presence as him.

Although the tour was supposed to be to help promote their new album '1% Faster' , the band failed to plug either it or themselves at all.

It would have been a nice touch if they had told us who they all were and a bit more about the album. I suppose with such a tight set before Spunge came on they would have been concentrating more on getting as many songs played as possible.

The songs came across fast and furious and were a mixture of Punk, Rock, alternative and the odd sprinkling of SKA here and there.

Another catchy tune they did was 'Who's got the action?' which was really easy to catch on to and the tune stayed in your head well after it had finished.

For those of you who wondered who the rest of the band were, we had Eric Vegas on guitar, Ted Cougar on Bass and Jim Holiday on drums.

Setlist included: Drug Power, Want To Go Out Tonight, Here Comes The City, Something's Got To Give, Who Are The Darlings Of The Avant Garde?, Till The End Of The Day, Leave Home, Living It Up, Fan Of The Banter, Back To Motor City, Who's Got The Action? 


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