Artist:  Watercress

Venue: Northumbria University, Newcastle 

Date:  12 December 2000 

Ever been to see a band and by the time they are finished the gig the crowd rushes forward to buy their CD? Well this is one of those very concerts.

Following the rave reviews in the UK and American press about these guys it was interesting to watch and wait to see if they would fall from the pedestal they had been put on.

This foursome from Belfast took the hall by delight and brought back the good name of Irish music into the rock world once again. There was no getting away from their origin as their accents are as thick as treacle and not at all disguised in the songs.

It's not surprising that NME recently stated that they were ... 'The most phenomenal act in Northern Ireland' as that pretty much sums them up.

These four young men have a huge wealth of musical talent, more than most have in their little finger in fact, and they use it well and don't abuse it by playing pop fodder to attract the brainwashed sheep who wouldn't know a good song if it hit them in the face with a wet fish.

The crowd loved them, the songs were typically catchy that only the Irish know how, many a foot was tapping that night.

In between the songs the lead singer made many a quip which always helps to lighten up the atmosphere and endear a band to the crowd, he was funny and he was original.

He joked on that their CD would be available after the show at the front of the stage on both corners, little did we know that he really meant it and as soon as the show had finished he promptly leap off stage and proceeded to walk back and forth flogging them merrily to the hungry crowd.

It looked a bit strange to see a double bass in the front of the stage when the band first came on , but without it, I doubt the sound would have been so authentic.

It would be hard to describe the sound of the band other than to say they were superb, but if I really had to compare them to another it would be the Scottish singer Eddie Reader. If you like her music you would latch on to these chaps no problem.

They aren't heavy, you couldn't shake your head to them, but they do rock and they are cool. If your foot hasn't had any exercise lately then take it out for a good old foot tapping night out!

The new CD is called - 'Bummer' and its a stomper!

Setlist included: Space Girl, Holiday, Stars Shine On, I Wish Someone Would Shoot Me, Call Me, Shine

(Well I think that's what they were called, it's hard to remember to write these things down when you're having a good time!)


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