Artist: Adfinem 

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  9 August 2001 

Drafted in at the last minute to perform at tonight's Requiem Goth gathering which is being held at the bar tonight, (once a month regular event), the band have travelled all the way over from Cumbria to enchant us with their tunes once again.

Sadly the band were replacing Hexdene who were supposed to be appearing here tonight but were unable to due to being involved in a car crash.

Obviously we were please to see Adfinem here tonight but our feelings also went out to Hexdene and we hope that they soon recover from this unfortunate accident.

Had it just been 4 months since they last appeared here? It seemed like sooo much longer than that. I guess with all the hard work they have been putting into their next album they haven't had time to come back sooner.

I for one would quite happily go to see these guys play on a weekly basis as they are an absolute joy to listen to.  There's none of this whirly new fangled Goth music here, all noise and no substance. Instead what you get is skillfully crafted songs and tunes that sound old school electro Goth.

The band started the set off at 10 pm with one of their most popular songs 'I Beg Forgiveness'. Next up was another gem 'Hi Life'. The crowd here in Newcastle are now familiar with this band and what they have to offer and I couldn't help but notice the difference in attitude this time around to them as they performed.

There were a lot of usual faces in the crowd, but tonight the whisper had spread that it wasn't going to be Hexdene here tonight and rather our old favourites Adfinem. Quite a few of the regulars had brought along their pals as well to see the band perform.

It was good to see that their music appeals to not only the very young Goths just out of school, but also to the older members of the crowd who had come along to see what all the fuss was about.

'To Be Someone' and 'Set Me Free' were two of the songs from the new album that the band played for us. They both sounded as good if not better than the songs off their debut album.

Knowing how well they were received here tonight we can only hold our breath and wait to see if it lives up to our expectations.

Bathed in pink and orange the band gave us a great performance. Considering they were brought in at the last minute they certainly didn't seem at all nervous. They are getting to know the crowd now and what we expect from them and looked a lot more relaxed than the last time.

This time around they didn't have to prove themselves to us like they did the last time, all they had to do was come and play to their very appreciative audience.

We were invited to take a step closer and even dance along to the tunes that flowed out from the speakers. Some of the younger fans did indeed step forward and thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they drifted back and forth in time to the music.

The older ones just stood back and happy watched as the band played on. The only heckler we had here tonight was the bands manager and that was done in the best possible taste.

No news as to when they'll be appearing here next but let's hope it's not too long and they remember to bring along that new album of theirs when they do.

Setlist: I Beg Forgiveness, High Life, To Be Someone, What Can I Do, Charade, Small Town, Electric Dancing, H:ll, Set Me Free, I Promise, I Swear, Charade


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