Artist:  Adfinem

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  12 April 2001 

Thursday nights at Trillians have become quite a regular haunt for the towns Goth crowd. The band we saw tonight really stood out to the crowd and captured quite a few new fans, me included. It's a bit ironic really as I had no idea who or what this band were before they took to the stage.

One of our crew had heard rave things about them so we thought we'd check them out. The only problem now is that they've left us hungry to see them again. All those lucky enough to be going to the Electro Fest and the Whitby Fest (part 1) will be in for a treat with these guys.

At the front of the stage we saw Cumbria's answer to Buffy's Angel. Tall, chiselled jaw and dressed in black head to toe, not only did lead singer PD look the part he also had a remarkable voice as well. He certainly had that reserved mysterious presence that a front man needs to capture the audience's imagination. Behind him to his left and right we had Lee Adams and Paul Fisher, both ready for action and determined to have a good time.

The gig started out a little slow but that is something that we have become used to with the Thursday Goth nights. Why oh why do people feel so afraid of enjoying themselves? Reserved is an understatement. Luckily enough we had local lad Kevin to save the day.

Even before the band took to the stage he was up bopping about at the front of the stage. By the time the band came on and started to play their opening song ' I Beg Forgiveness' , he was up there strutting his stuff for all he was worth. The band seemed to be a bit bemused by all this, but hey, it did in fact loosen up the crowd. It helped focus their attention on the band, which is after all why we had all come here tonight.

By the time the band had finished their first song they had us suitably impressed and curiously wondering what was coming next.

It was good to see that both Paul and Lee soon loosened up once the gig got going and could be seen dancing around from behind their Keyboards. It's always good to see the band enjoying themselves as much as the crowd and visa versa. A little bird told me after the gig that the band might be calling on us again later in the year and all I can say is I hope this is definitely the case.

The big question on everybody's lips was is this a Goth band? Well true, their lyrics aren't all about death, vampires and how they feel so sad they wish they were dead, instead the songs are quite upbeat and are more about living and things we have all had to face in real life. They were all dressed in black, no one can deny that either. I would say that they are definitely a Goth band with a strong electronic presence.

They have heaps of talent, their songs would, and did appeal to all the Goth fans that were there that night, but they also appealed to all the other regular Rock fans who had stumbled in for a night out. Whereas a lot of the crowd here tonight may have been there by accident, next time they come they will be there on purpose.

Even if you aren't normally into Goth bands I would strongly recommend you have a listen to their stuff and see what you think.

I know for a fact that anyone old enough to remember and appreciate the 80's electronic era which brought forward such legends as Depeche Mode, Heaven 17, Tear for Fears etc will enjoy this band. If you like your friends electric then you will take to this band like a duck to water.

For those of you who are younger and like electronic music with a catchy beat and a great image then you might just find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with this band.

Highlights of the set were 'Small Town' which struck a chord with a lot of us Northerners, 'I Promise, I Swear' which had strong undertones of Tear for Fears, and 'Electronic Dancing' which reminded me of the great tunes Heaven 17 used to bring us. PD's voice sounded so close to them that it was a bit spooky. I half expected him to break into 'Come Live With Me' as the next song.

The gig was completed with an encore which included another couple of songs. This ended off what had been an overall impressive performance by the band tonight.

Setlist: I Beg Forgiveness, I Promise, I Swear, Hi-Life, What Can I Do, 2 Be Someone, Charade, Small Town, Electric Dancing, H:ll, Set Me Free.


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