Artist: All The Pretty Horses 

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 14 November 2001  

Rather surprising for a Wednesday night the bar was quite busy. However when you consider that a lot of punters who had turned up tonight had done so because they had heard all about the 'American Trannies' that were going to play here tonight you might not be too surprised.

People love to look at freak shows and this is what a lot of people who'd turned up tonight were expecting to see.

VenusHowever they would soon be sorely disappointed and pleasantly surprised once the band hit the stage. Instead of a load of blokes in frocks what they had before them were five very beautiful, and very sexy young women.

Fronted by lead singer/guitarist Venus decked in long blonde pigtails, black bra and tight black mini-skirt, the band said a quick hello before breaking into their opening song of 'Walking Dead'.

The crowd was speechless. Where were the blokes they whispered? These were definitely 100% female with killer curves and hard metal sounds to match.

The band played on as the crowd just stood there hypnotized by them and their music. By about the third song the crowd had shuffled forward a bit and wanted a closer look at the band.

So who did we have here before us tonight? Well on bass/harmonies we had a fiery redhead by the name of Pandora, whose looks and stature wouldn't look out of place on a catwalk.

Behind Venus we had the very beautiful Jendeen on drums. A lady who sure knows here way around a drum kit, and someone that could show the mighty Tommy Lee a thing of two about working those skins to full effect.

Far right and left of the stage we had two dancers as well. Both very different in looks, both very exotic and sexy looking. Emily was the sexy belly dancer, complete with finger cymbals, who twisted and shimmied across the stage, much to the delight of the males amongst the audience.

Shannon on the other side of the stage was the seductive scary one with her soft punkish spiky hair and tattoos. She writhed and snaked at the front like a prehistoric reptile. Dripping with sexual tension she was like the creature that offered the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden.

The band played songs which spanned their back catalogue of four albums, together with a few new ones from their new album 'Dolls with Balls', which incidentally was also the name of the tour. A couple of new tracks were slipped in as well which they have yet to record. Those being the haunting 'White Horses' and the lively commercial 'Boys'.

I have to say although 'White Horses' is a beautiful epic of a song; it was 'Boys' that really got me going. I hope they release this as a mini album or EP soon because it would be a crime to wait until the next album. It really is a gem amongst gems. I love it big time.

EmilyThis is one band that simply aren't happy with just playing their music for the punters. When they do a show what they actual do is a 'performance'. The clever combination of great tunes, catchy melodies and special effects make this one band you cannot afford to miss.

How many bands have you seen that include not only dry ice and strobes in their set, but also fluorescent lighting, special lighting tubes which the dancers wrapped around themselves as they danced, amongst a great many other things.

If the fans were shy at first they were soon won over by this very endearing and very non-threatening band. They were magical to watch, they really did take your breath away as you watched them perform.

At one point lead singer Venus leapt from the stage and went down doubled over backwards as she lay on the ground and played wildly on her guitar. Wow! In fact Wow is an understatement.

But the fun wasn't stopping there. Before we knew what was happening we saw dancer Shannon wearing welders goggles and strapped into a spiky metal plate which affixed to the front of her tiny hot pants.

With an angle grinder in one hand both her and Venus left the stage once more. First Shannon grinded across the metal cuff which Venus was wearing, then she lay back across the floor as Venus grinded down hard on her crotch.

Sparks flew up high and the crowd ran forward to watch. You could hear the cascade of gasps and squeals of delight from the punters as they watched on.

Closing the set off they finished with a gorgeous cover version of 'Falling in Love'. I'm sure I speak for everyone in the room when I say we could have stayed there riveted to the spot all night and listened to more songs if time had permitted. For a band very few had heard of before tonight, they won themselves a legion of die-hard fans with their performance.

To say the merchandise girl was mobbed at the end of the show for CD's and t-shirts is an understatement. What a great start to their very first UK tour!

I can honestly say that they were everything I'd ever hoped for and a whole lot more as well. I loved them so much I went to each and every one of their gigs that tour.

Every one as good as the first. They left a big impression on everyone who saw them, lets hope we made an equally good impression on them and they don't leave it too long before they return.

Setlist: Walking Dead, Jam, Nailed, For 'M', White Horses, Ruin, Lollypop, Boys, Black Leather, God Dog, Tattoo, Sim Sleep, Falling in Love


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