Artist:  Anti Product

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  24 April 2001 

The initial buzz in Trillians when arriving was reminiscent of the feelings from the late 80's, early 90's of the Mayfair.

Everyone was hyper on adrenaline and alcohol waiting for the band to mount the stage. Suddenly out of the darkness they immerged and as the lights shone down on them, five fluorescent faces grinned back!! The crowd went MAD!!

Straight into "Hey Let's Get It On" to get everyone in the party mood and sent the whole bar jumping up and down under our feet. Alex with his cheeky, painted grin (looking like an evil Ronald McDonald) coaxing the troop of the Anti-Product's People Army on.

No time to pause for breath, as we were all thrown into "Psychedelic Girlfriend!" my god can these guys rock! The adrenaline that was flowing through the crowd was amazing as these psychotic punks threw themselves into their masterpieces of musical lingo.

They sprung about like loonies and Alex decided to remind us of the fact, by head butting the mike several times and telling us how much he loved the North-East and that he felt completely at home here because we are all mental too!!

They treated us to the fantastically anthemic "Bungee Jumping People Die" and "Best Days of Our Lives" and then decided that they needed some support on stage, so dragged two willing victims from the audience, to quench their thirsts.

These two wannabe - game for a laugh -rockstars helped out by killing an E chord and head butting the mike stand and at first welt the poor lad made his head bleed. Which was quite funny as it looked as though he had just entered into the running for the "Circus of Horrors", or a tomato ketchup advert.

 "Big News" was up next and A.Product (Alex) thought it was about time that he introduced himself to the audience by swinging out on the lighting rig into the crowd and singing on the tables.

He then clambered back to the stage (via the lighting rig again) and belted out "Supergirl" and introduced us to the rest of the band. Claire Pproduct on guitar, Toshi Product on bass, Melena Yum on keyboards and Gonk on drums. All equally as nutty as himself.

"Live In England" was the last musical morsel for the night and this was poggoed to like the good old days of the 70's with lots of effervescence and great showmanship.

If you ever get the chance to go and see these guys GO because their stage show and musical talent is "OUT OF THIS WORLD" .


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