Artist: Anti Product 

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 8 May 2001  

This was the third time in two weeks that I have seen this band and yet again they didn't disappoint.

Trillians was packed, most people had come to see the headliners Enuff ZNuff, but a few, me included were down the front as soon as Alex and the gang took the stage. I took a look behind me and saw more than a few people looking on in horror, I could see from the look on their faces they were thinking, "what the hell have we got here?"

Alex invited everyone to join the party and the band launched into "Hey, Lets Get It On" - a great song to win over the strangers with a catchy chorus, which really gets its hooks into you.

After more cajoling from Alex trying in vain to get more people down the front, (who can blame them he looks pretty scary with his manic clown make up) they play the touching love song - "Psychedelic Girlfriend" which is followed by "The Rules We Rock n Roll By".

The band are really on form tonight, Milena looked like she was really enjoying this one, having a good laugh with Simon "The Gonk". Toshi and Clare were leaping around like maniacs too. The cheer after "Rules" was even loader than before. "Bungee Jumping People Die" is another great song and again Alex invites everyone to sing along.

The next tasty offering was "Arms Around The World" and then into their first single release, "Best Days Of Your Life" which is an excellent song (it featured on the Channel 4 show "Teachers" on 9/5/01). As with many Anti Product songs "Best Days" has a great mix of pop, punk and anthemic rock.

The set was very up beat and Alex was playing the part of a great front man, but the best was yet to come!!! "Supergirl" is a great romper stomper of a tune, Milena takes over Alex's guitar and he gets to know the audience a bit better!! Jumping up on the tables and running around the bar.

They won over a lot of new fans tonight, there was a truly massive cheer as they left the stage and once again I ended the gig in a sweaty mess, with a great big grin on my face.

Anti Product are the best live band I have seen in years. If this band plays anywhere near you and they probably will, get out and see them; they will not disappoint you.

Anti Product Rule!!

Setlist included: Hey Let's Get It On, Psychedelic Girlfriend, Rules We Rock n Roll By, Bungee Jumping People Die, Arms Around The World, Best Days of Your Life, Supergirl


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