Artist: Australian Pink Floyd 

Venue: City Hall, Newcastle

Date: 26 October 2001  

Another City Hall gig. Another "downstairs only" set-up. Another opening of "Shine on..." inevitably. Several "interesting smells" floating about - you can tell the cannabis laws have changed!

"Astronomie Dominie" followed with a light-show straight from 1967 (loads of strobes and kaleidoscope effects). The songs that followed all stuck accurately to the studio sound of the real Pink Floyd - apart from the vocals of what seems to be a new bass player who can't hit the high notes of "Shine on". All too soon the first half was over and it was time for a quick beer.

After regaining our seats (or someone’s seats - we’d been told to "sit anywhere" by the staff) I heard the opening "plinks" of "Echoes". And yes they did play that very song (well, an "edited" 25-minute version anyway) accompanied by an excellent bubble-machine effect which had everyone mesmerised.

Shame really that they spoiled it next with something relatively modern in "Learning to Fly". Fortunately, the slide guitar came out and we were treated to "High Hopes" and naturally "One of These Days".

One thing I had noticed throughout the gig, however, was the lack of decibels. Last time I had seen them, the whole place was rumbling, this time it was merely vibrating! However, the light-show sort-of made up for it.

The band have now recruited Pink Floyd’s original lighting crew - nice one guys! Right on cue during "Comfortably Numb" they raised a rather large glitter-ball from behind the on-stage amps and shone bright white spot-lamps on it (and a few coloured ones on later) much to everyone’s delight.

"Wish You Were Here" was amusingly preceded by some Australian TV and radio tuning and the whole event was closed - as usual - by "Run Like Hell"

Lighting crew 10/10. Sound Crew 6/10 - must do better (turn it up to 11 next time!) and do you really need to play four songs which are over 15 minutes long when you only have 2 hours?

Part 1: Shine on You Crazy Diamond, Astonomie Dominie,Time, Welcome to the Machine, Hey You, Dogs, Part 2: Echoes, Learning to Fly, High Hopes, One of These Days, The Happiest Days of Our Lives, Another Brick in the Wall Part II, Mother, Comfortably Numb, Encore: Wish You Were Here, Run Like Hell

Special guest reviewer: Riff Binney


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