Artist:  Backyard Babies

Venue: The Forum, London

Date: 25 May 2001  

Once upon a time there was two people who wanted to go on an adventure. One Yorkshire man with long black locks and one Geordie gal with long blonde locks.

They planned an adventure down to London town, to see if the myths were true - that the City of London was paved with gold. And guess what they found? The myth was a load of old bollocks.

We did get to see some pretty fantastic bands though instead. We thought that you might like to here that tale instead.

So off to the Forum (formally the Town and Country Club) to see the nice n sleazy, Backyard Babies supporting Motorhead. To have travelled such a distance to see them, they truly didn't disappoint.

The guys, fresh faced from their homeland of Sweden, hit the stage with "I Luv To Roll" from their new album, "Making Enemies is Good". The crowd was well up for a party and considering that most of them were there to see Motorhead, they warmed to the Babies style and charisma.

Lots of hard rock/punk influences in their music, like the Sex Pistols and the Ramones, you could see everyone was enjoying them that much that if we didn't know any better it could have been a Babies gig.

They sang a number of songs including "Brand New Hate", "Payback" and "The Kids are Right" from their new album, (which if you have not got it yet go and buy it, it is fabalitious).

Dregen and Nicke were running all over the stage catching the audience's attention and screaming at us all to rock with them. To which of course the audience obliged.

Main man Nicke, sang out most of the songs, in his fantastically distinctive voice, while "Star Wars" was sang by the heartstring, plucking Dregen. (This song was co-written by Ginger. There is a different version of it on their joint EP "Supershit 666").

The rest of the line up joined in the merriment was Peder drumming out the rhythms and Johan on the bass.

The forty - five minute set (as they were the support band), was ended in an amazing jam with the title song from their new album, "Brand New Hate - Making Enemies is Good" and with that they left the stage leaving the audience hungry for more.

The Backyard babies are the new breed of Rock n Roll, along with bands like Bubble, Hellacopters and AntiProduct they shine through from the rest of the corporate sh*t that we are told to listen to by the media and the large radio stations.

They are the new wave of rock music and when playing live they really know how to impress their audience with the songs from their albums.

The Backyard Babies kick ass and for me (Shen), Tom and our friends, John and Christina, it was an absolutely fantastic night. We need MORE and can't wait to see them again.  Wow, what an adrenaline rush!

Special guest reviewer: Shen Spencer. 


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