Artist:  Backyard Babies

Venue: Northumbria University, Newcastle

Date: 7 November 2001  

Whoah! How these guys have grown since their previous albums. Some people have said they've sold out to the masses with their latest album Making Enemies Is Good. I'd prefer to call it finally finding their calling.

The opening track for the night was none other than the first track off the aforesaid new album, 'I Love To Roll'. The room was filled to the rafters of fans old and newly acquired who were here to see this legendary glam rock band kick some serious ass. And guess what? That's just what they did!

The poor band must have been the cold when they first came on as Nicke kept his biker jacket firmly on and Dregen came on with what can only be described as something resembling a grey knee-length duster coat. Come on guys, you're supposed to be rocks very own sex crumpets, what's with the woolies? I know it was just before 10 pm but it wasn't THAT cold surely?

A few songs under their belts and with the crowd pushed up hard against the barriers the band soon started to peel off under the bright, and rather warm, stage lights. 20 minutes into the set and we had a topless Dregen living up to his reputation of pin-up boy. The sweat rolled down his face as he played like a man possessed by the rhythm of rock. Nicke soon overcame his initial shyness and dared to lose the jacket revealing a CBGB's embossed t-shirt. Cool club, good choice of t-shirt!

To the rear of the stage we saw Peder pounding the skins like his very life depended on it. He certainly looked like he was enjoying himself and took the time to smile to the fans before slamming the drumsticks down once more.

To the far side of the stage we had Johan on bass. God bless his little cotton socks he looked on shyly as the crowd leap about in a frenzy of madness before his eyes.

They were screaming out to him but quite what he made of their broad accents is beyond me. Johan, in case you were wondering they were screaming they loved you, don't be bashful, just enjoy it.

Half an hour later us hot blooded woman got a chance to glimpse what we'd been waiting for all night. Nicke pulled off his t-shirt to reveal his famous 'ring-pulls'. There they were for all to see, glinting in the lights just begging to be tweaked. Phroaw!

Hey these guys were red hot when they played here tonight; both musically and visually they really did capture our attention and kept it there all night.

In fact if you thought they sounded good on album then go see them live, they sound even better live than you could ever imagine.

For all the party animals that came out to play they delivered a musically sound and well constructed set that did not disappoint.

For all those hormonal girlies and gay chaps out there, they were red-hot sex babes who looked absolutely delicious. I make no apologies for it; there simply is no getting away from it. One straight male friend even confided in me afterwards that he wanted to have Peder's babies! Lol.

If you enjoyed the album Making Enemies Is Good, then you'd love them live. Not many bands manage to pull of the sound, the attitude, and the look as well, but these guys did. They sure rocked Newcastle big time and will be guaranteed a huge and very warm welcome when they return to us next time around.

Setlist: I Love To Roll, The Kids Are Right, UFO Romeo, Heaven 2.9, Highlights, The Clash, Star Wars, Ex-Files, Payback, Ghetto You, Look At You, Too Tough To Make Some, Robber Of Life.  Encore: Made Me Madman, My Demonic Side, Brand New Hate


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