Artist:  B Movie Heroes

Venue: The Office, South Shields

Date: 16 July 2001  

After blowing the cobwebs away from our eardrums at Changes One record store this afternoon the band are back once more to cause us some serious sensory harm. The crowd was already hyper after seeing the magnificent Johnny Zhivago only minutes before play a storming set. Now it was the turn of these cheeky rascals.

The stage was still in darkness as they started out with what sounded very much like Kashmir. In darkness we could see Neil finishing his fag before he was ready to play. The lights did come on and before us we saw the usual suspects, grinning like cheeky monkeys and keen to get started.

'Science Fiction' was the track they started the gig with properly and within seconds it had Dave jumping up and down looking like someone had stuffed a ferret down his pants.  Peering out from behind the drum kit at the back of the rather poorly lit stage was the ever-youthful looking Scott.

In front of him we saw a man who seems always looks cheerful, singer/guitarist Dean. Last but not least was of course Neil who had by this time finished his fag and looked tonight very much like a little rock hopper penguin with his short spiky haircut.

Onward bound and into the second song of the night we had 'The Drug That You Want'. It was Dave's turn to sing lead vocals on this one. With it's hard rock-a-billy riffs it was really driven throughout the whole song by the pounding on the drums from the back of the stage.

They thanked all the people who had turned up at Changes One that afternoon and hoped they had all enjoyed themselves. I guess they must have otherwise they wouldn't have turned out in force tonight and brought all their pals along with them.

Just goes to show you how impressed they must have all been to have wanted to come back tonight for more of this good stuff. Good to know we aren't the only ones to think these guys are marvellous.

'Give Me Tuesday' was the next one and we saw the lovely Dean take over the vocals during this one. You have to hand it to these guys they all have wonderful singing voices as well as being brilliant musicians.

By now there were hoards of young fans dancing about in front near the stage. One young lad wearing a 'Britney Spears' t-shirt, (Well not an official fan club one anyhow, a wee bit near the knuckle), caught the bands eye and had the next song dedicated to him.

They had only just started to play the first few chords when a string broke on one of their guitars. Luckily for us they had super roadie Chris Jarvis from Spunge on hand to change it for them in lightening quick time. (Now you know who the brightly coloured van parked outside belonged to). Once fixed they launched into the song with full gusto.

They joked that there would be bingo on afterwards if anyone wanted to stop back. I think they had realised Monday night is largely student night at this venue.

Before long they reached my favourite track, the very addictive and easy to remember the words 'The Image', taken from their single.

If you haven't already got it then you really want to get your finger out. It's marvellous! At this point they proclaimed that they were going to have a dancing competition for the hoards of fans that were bopping, hopping and moshing (?) around the dance floor. Not sure what the prize was going to be or who in fact won it but the fans took up the challenge and gave their legs a good old shake.

After that came the famous do do do song. No not Black Lace! 'Damned If You Do'! . A few of the younger females had clambered onto the stage by this time and were having a frenzied bop next to the band. Next one up was 'Running On Empty' a song all about being in a band and having no money perhaps?

One young woman asked them to dedicate a song to Anti Product who have played this venue so many times recently it has become a bit of a second home to them. 'Miles Away' was the chosen track. Strangely enough the dancers had all sat down at this point. Probably too hot and totally knackered from having such a great time. Actually I think it was probably last orders at the bar.

Neil asked why no one was dancing and asked was it chucking out time and did they have school in the morning? It was Dean's turn to break a string during this song and once again Chris had to work his wonders.
Before long the dancers were back, fast, furious and watered, they were back for some more fun.

With the stage full of fans now there was not enough room for the band to play on. Dave and Neil decided to take off from the stage and play off on the dance floor, which did in fact have more room to move on than the stage! Well it did when they first moved there but then a second wave of young men descended from nowhere and it all turned into a bit of a mosh pit, which went bezerk! The closing song was 'Million Miles An Hour' and saw Dave hanging on to his mike for dear life while still trying to play his guitar.

Phroaw! What more can we say except tonight's gig was fantastic. The band really looked like they had bonded with the fans and their new found fans were clinging to them like limpets.

They could have gone on playing all night and we would have still come back for more. I have a funny feeling that it won't be long before we see them up here again and I think this is the venue they will be choosing on future tours.

They came, they conquered, and they better come back quick or there will be hell to pay!

Setlist included: Science Fiction, The Drug, Give Me Tuesday, Simplicated, The Image, Damned If You Do, Running On Empty, Miles Away, Million Miles An Hour


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