Artist: B Movie Heroes 

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar

Date: 4 June 2001  

Listed only as '+ Support' this treat to the old eardrums came to town and played with all they had. Rather shocking was the poor turnout tonight but that may have had something to do with the poor promotion the bands were given for tonight's gig. Never the less although they weren't performing to a packed room by any stretch of the imagination they came on and they gave us one hell of a set.

Looking more like a bunch of jailbirds with their short haircuts and dodgy clothes they stormed the stage and proceeded to impress the crowd with the powerful and very tuneful delivery of their songs.

They looked young, they looked cheeky, and in fact the drummer Scott Garrett looks about 12 years old. But don't be fooled by these chaps they totally rock big time!

It was easy to compare their sound to the likes of The Wildhearts with their biting guitar riffs and also Blink 182 because quite a few of their songs had that rock/pop feel to them and sat nicely between the two.

Having been billed as the support act they were still the last band to hit the stage and it was Dr Zhivago, sorry that should be Johnny Zhivago (although that's not what it said on the flyers!) that ended up playing support to these lads.

The bass guitarist David Halloran jokingly asked the band if they were in fact DR's and said that he had a little something that needed looking at if they were! In fact the band actually made quite a joke about being a comedy band and said they often had people laugh at them.

This statement could be taken out of context and mistakenly taken as coming from a band that make people laugh as they have no, or very little talent. With The B* Movie Heroes this is most definitely not the case, make no mistake about it.

You could tell quite easily which genre of rock they were coming from and who would be into their good time style of rock n' roll. Hardly surprising to find out that they were going to be supporting none other than Silver Ginger 5 the following week. I'm sure they will attract a lot of new fans and reach a much wider audience by doing that support tour. SG5 fans will love them to bits, mark my words.

If the main singer/guitarist looked a bit familiar then that was because it was none other than Neil Phillips fresh from The Yo-Yo's fame. The band actually reformed earlier this year after Neil returned from his stint with hugely popular band The Yo-Yo's. That was one band that should have stuck with it a bit longer but decided to call it a day much to the disappointment to a lot of people.

However! Never fear! B* Movie Heroes is here! They rock in much the same vein and keep all the fun and happy rock and smirk feeling with their songs that his last band were famous for.

The fourth member of the band was the wonderfully charming Dean McCreadie on guitar. All three guitarists took it in turns to sing and they all had really impressive voices.

I always think it's such an added bonus if you have more than one person who can sing in tune in a band, but to have 3 is just a blessing. It gives a band so much more depth and variety and also the members to each play the front man part at some time during the gig.

Stops any ego's getting too big which is always a danger in rock bands these days. These guys looked really good together, they sounded fantastic and they all looked like they were having a good time, which is good for both them and the people watching them.

The band had a 3 song CD available and joked that everyone should buy it as it was done really professional like and they only made 3 mistakes on it in total! They then went on to play the aptly named song 'Running on Empty' which is what they told us their bus was at the minute. They said if we didn't buy their CD they wouldn't have enough money to buy some petrol to travel up to Glasgow for the following nights gig.

They finished the set with the song 'Million miles an Hour' which they said was heavily Dogs D'Amour influenced and was written/dedicated to a girl from Preston who works in Tesco's. The start of this particular song sounded a bit like The Who's - Pinball Wizard and had some immensely wicked guitars in it.

Just as we thought it was all over, as the crowd screamed out for more, we might have been small in numbers but we were loud in gobs! They band came back on and did an encore for us which was that little known rock ditty Summer of 69! Yeh!

I'm not sure how the band felt the gig had gone that night, but I know the people who were there all thoroughly enjoyed it and are looking forward to going to see them in action again next month at The Office in South Shields. A review of that gig to follow!

What can I say other than if you dig the sound of the bands mentioned above then check these guys out. At present their gigs are cheap to get in to, but if they carry on like this they won't be for long!

Setlist: Science Fiction, The Drug, Give me Tuesday, Simplicated, The Image, Damned if you Do , Running on Empty, Miles Away, Million miles an Hour.  Encore: Summer of 69


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