Artist:  B Movie Heroes

Venue: The Office, South Shields

Date: 1 October 2001  

Off out again to see the cheeky chappies of punk n' rock n' roll. We were all so tired from the weekend but still made the effort over to the Office in Shields to have our weary spirits lifted by the B Movie Heroes.

The night started with local lads Spillage who were eager to please the younger end of the audience, playing a mixture of Trash metal and Nu-metal, getting the young members of the crowd wound up into a frenzy.

Eventually the crowd were told to stop moshing as there was going to be trouble the way they were carrying on - a bit like caged animals on heat, but what they didn't realise was that the floor was physically moving so much they were all in danger of plummeting straight through it.

The second band that were on stage also played a mixture of their own stuff and a few covers and then on came the B Movie Heroes with only 35 minutes of the night left to spare. If only the first band had come on stage a bit earlier we would have had a bit more fun with the BMH's.

We were a bit unsure of how the lads would go down with the younger crowd that had been earlier moshing to Spillage, unfortunately a lot of them were not very open minded on the punk/rock side of the music world as they all left. Either that or it was past their bed-time!! Still there was at least 50 plus people still left in the venue, willing to rock to their hearts content.

The BMH's didn't disappoint us though, even though it was a short set. They kicked off with The Drug which got a few people on the dance floor straight away and the Running on Empty which is to appear on their forth coming five-track EP on the Changes One label. The rest were good old favourites like, Give me Tuesday (also on the new EP) and The Image, which is taken from their present EP.

For the penultimate song they invited people to get up on the stage and help out with one of their songs - nice and easy, singing the doooddooooo's for Damned if You Do.

They were really solid considering that this was the first day of the tour. Dave and Neil having a good laugh with the audience and trying to encourage more people up to dance, while Dave was like a rock getting all the melodies in and keeping them all together, with Scott on the drums banging out the rhythm and breaking his sticks in the process.

The guys gave it their best, for the little over half an hour that they were on stage. Unfortunately they had been double booked with the previous two bands. The guys tried there best to cram in as many songs as possible, but it still would have been nicer if they had been on an hour. Still enjoyed them tuns and tuns.


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