Artist:  The Chaos Engine

Venue: Trillians Rock bar, Newcastle

Date:  5 May 2001 

A monthly trip to Trillians could just find you stumbling into Requiem, the goth/alternative night they host. This month we are greeted with the industrial goth band "The Chaos Engine".

As they take to the stage they open with "Me and My Army" and soon attract a few already dedicated fans who begin dancing and bouncing about fanatically, quite possibly to the bemusement of some of the more traditional rockers in there.

The singer (Lee) wearing a long silver skirt complete with knee pads (on the hemline) invited other fans to come to the front of the stage, cause "people were dancing there!" For those reluctant to join he extended a warm welcome to all the fans watching them on the tv - an unexpected audience for the band.

A few songs into the set we are introduced to some gems from their new album - Obstinate. Packed with beats, samples and guitars there is plenty to keep their fans happy. In addition to this they are using various light effects and project subliminal messages throughout the show.

They changed the mood and opted for something a little less upbeat halfway through the set, playing Departure Lounge, giving the fans a chance to recover and get a much-needed drink from the bar. This was short-lived as they soon launched into 888 (One Bigger Than God).

They ended the set with Industry Standard Beauty, and left the fan base shouting for more, specifically Purge; no doubt one of their best songs. However, this was (disappointingly) not played, but with an encore of Kids in America chaos style, what more could you want?

The Chaos Engine will be making a welcome return to Requiem in December 2001 - back by popular demand. So if you missed them this time round, be sure to catch them and join the chaos.
Remember "chaos is fun".

Setlist: Me and My Army, Photocopied Love Song, Protein, Nonconformer, Custom Built For Danger, Departure Lounge, Complicit, 888 (one bigger than god), Employee of the Year, Industry, Standard Beauty, Kids In America


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