Artist:  Cortizone

Venue: Newcastle University, Newcastle

Date:  31 march 2001 

Acting as support to the mighty Paradise Lost, Cortizone take to the extremely small stage which has been laid on for the bands tonight.

The University should be ashamed of themselves for expecting any band to perform on such a small stage which is in truth not much bigger than most peoples kitchen table. This isn't the first time we have witnessed bands struggling on this triangle of raised wood.

Tonight Cortizone have fallen foul of the small stage and we saw drummer Andy Prestidge squashed into the corner of the stage in what looked like a very uncomfortable position, and bassist Nick Emery and lead singer Paul Stroud perched dangerously on the front edge of the stage. Even without Paradise Lost's equipment on the stage there still wouldn't have been enough room to swing a cat.

But did this make any difference to the bands performance? Not at all, or if it did it certainly didn't show. It's been a long time since we have seen a support band with so much presence and such a professional big sound to their music. They sounded more like the main act and not at all like the largely unknown support act they are.

This was the first time I had seen these guys in action and let me tell you it will most definitely not be the last! These guys blow the likes of A Perfect Circle out of the water completely. They really are that good. The up side of the show was that they played hard and gave us a gig to remember, the down side was that when we tried to purchase a copy of their new album there were none to be had. Come on lads, get your act together! We love the sound now let us have the CD!

Throughout the whole gig the crowd took well the band and their songs, they sounded great and we were more than happy. Long gone are the days when people never listened to the warm-up act and preferred to stay in the bar drinking.

With support bands like this you can't afford to miss out what is more than likely to be the next  big thing. Even the friendly banter by lead singer Paul about local Goth fan Kevin's brightly coloured flowery shirt went down well. Paul said that 'there's a man who likes to stand out from the crowd' and with Kevin that's just what you have, somebody who enjoys good music and is known for standing out from the crowd. This little comment certainly made a big impression on that lads night, all be it a good one.

A big thanks must go out to this band for putting up with such a small stage and still managing to give us all such an impressive gig. Well done and hurry back!


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