Artist: Dan Baird & Darrell Bath 

Venue: Changes One, south Shields

Date: 6 June 2001  

Today was started on an afternoon instore (again, but they are so good) at Changes One.

Dan Baird, one of the huge rock stars of the 80's with The Georgia Satellites was playing a special afternoon instore to promote his new album "Dan Baird and the Sofa Kings - Redneck Savant ".

Considering that it is a good 12 years since I saw this living legend in the Georgia Satellites he has not changed that much. A little bit older and a little bit broader but still the same "big grin" guy he was back in 1988.

His lead guitarist and partner for the tour was Darrell Bath, also a star in his own right; guitarist with The Dogs D'amour, also with The UK Subs and his own band The Crybabys and new outfit, Sabre Jet.

They played a good half hour set, entertaining the forty plus people, who had turned up, in the North-East rain, to see them.

Between them they played a good basket full songs with a mixture of Dan Baird's classics and Darrell Bath's fresh bar-room boogies. They then asked for some requests from the audience.

Now bear in mind the night before we had seen Ginger from the Wildhearts at The Office in South Shields and he had played the very same shop the previous day for the Changes One "Grand Opening".

Well, he was in the audience, hanging out, doing what we do etc. So he shouted out "Battleship Chains" (Dan Baird for some unknown reason never ever sings this song any more - god alone knows why!!) So he replies to the giggling Ginge "Only if you sing the chorus". So he obliged naturally.

He helped change the lyrics to "need a dick" instead of lips, which went down a storm and gave everyone in the shop a good laugh. Another successful mini gig to the shop's credit.

Special guest reviewer: Shen Spencer


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