Artist:  Dan Baird & Darrell Bath

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  6 June 2001 

Trillians set the scene for the evening. The support band unfortunately was the England / Greece football match, which was a bit strange, but you know what some Geordies are like about their football!!!

As soon as the football finished, on with the main attraction - Mr. Dan Baird.

The place was just heaving with bodies and to our surprise not just 20/30 year olds, there was people there who knew my parents!!!

It just proves what a wide variety of fans this mans music attracts. The place just came alive when into the first song "Li'l Bit" from the new album.

We had a fantastic ensemble of Dan Baird's own songs including "Sheila", "Dixie Beauxderaunt" and "Keep Your Hands To Yourself" and a few Darrell Bath songs from the Sabre Jet album, including my favourite "Never Trust a Blonde".

'Good Feelin' Boogie' swept through out the bar and a lot of happy smiling faces through out the 1.40 hr, rock, rhythm and blues set.

They played till kicking out time, so the bouncers had to shout a lot harder to get everyone moving outside faster. But the band Dan Baird, Darrell Bath and the bass player and drummer (who had only just stepped in a week earlier) pleased a lot of people that night.

Isn't that what rock n roll is all about?


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