Festival:  Z Records Festival

Artist: Danny Danzi

Venue: Maximes, Wigan

Date: 26 August 2001  

The fourth band onstage today were the one's we'd heard soooo much about and were really looking forward to seeing perform live.

The songs we'd heard on CD sounded pretty promising and everyone we spoke to before the gig raved on about the marvellous Danny Danzi.

We'd had the good fortune to actually meet Mr. Danzi the evening before at a pre-fest booze-up and he was a very likeable and pleasant chap, as were the rest of his band.

There was no bigheaded rock star thing going on with him at all. So would all these glowing reports be accurate, as he seemed such a quietly spoken, almost restrained character.

Well the band came on early evening and looked ready for action. Danny in a rather fetching black PVC twin set combining a sleeveless top and some very tight pants. He certainly looked the part, but would he sound it too? We really weren't convinced.

The crowd who were obviously familiar with his past performances were baying for them to start and so they did with a short musical introduction before launching full pelt into 'Eternity'.

Wow! We took back every doubt we ever had about this band in the first few lines of the opening song. They really went for it and totally blew us away. All the things that people had said weren't blown up out of proportion, oh no, in fact they had undersold this mighty performer and his band!

He may be small in stature but his talent as a singer and guitar player are quite phenomenal to say the least. I've seen some guitar players in my years but this one really, really is a legend, a hero, and a must to see! Gosh it's hard to find the words to describe just how gob-smacking marvellous he was today.

Danny took the time to dedicate his song 'Is love a Lie' to his friends from Belfast, which was a nice touch as they had come a long way to see him perform and were absolutely made up when he did that.

We had a bit of a drum solo from Timaay! which showed us that Danny wasn't the only one who was musically gifted. Most drum solo's make you fall asleep after the first few minutes but this one didn't rather surprisingly.

Soon it was time to hear them perform probably one of his most potent tracks 'Somewhere lost in Time', which carried on to yet another electrifying guitar solo by Danny. This set was so perfect and polished it was shining example of how things should be done.

Some of the other musicians today would have done well to have watched and learnt from this great guitar maestro as he weaved his magical tunes around us.

Throughout the whole performance poor Danny absolutely melted in his fabulous plastic outfit. Streams flooded down his face as he played like a man possessed by his own creations.

He soon realized that this was maybe not the best choice of outfit to wear under the roasting heat of the stage lights. He laughed and admitted that he would never again be plastic man as he mopped his face on a nearby towel.

Everything you've ever heard said about this man is true; in fact they are most likely underestimating his sheer talent. The man is an absolute genius. He really hooks you in during his performances. All you can do is stand there amazed at the sounds he brings to life with his guitar.

We were looking forward to seeing a good performance but what we saw was so much more than that. We have nothing but the greatest respect for anyone that can do half as much as this man can. When he goes into the studio to record his next album in October it will be hoped he remembers to bring it back on the road over here.

Setlist: Eternity, Lost without your Love, Is love a Lie, Somewhere lost in Time, Dirty mean and Nasty, Pop goes the What, Only the Strong, Love me or leave Me, Save Us, Just a matter of Time, Come to Me


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