Artist:  Diamond Dogs

Venue: Changes One, south Shields

Date:  14 May 2001 

The day was off to a good start as we went venturing down to Changes One, for the last and final instore gig in the "Shoebox" before the shop moves over the road to the New "Arena Shoebox".

There was a fantastic new Swedish band called the Diamond Dogs performing some of their songs from their new album "As Your Greens Turn Brown".

These guys are proper rock n rollers. You know when you know that a band is just going to be "sound", well these guys were.

They were soooo friendly and genuine and musically were just spot on. There wasn't as many people turned up for the mini-gig as there should have been, especially as it was free, but these guys gave it their all showing there musical talents and expertise.

They played renditions of "Mighty, Mighty Mountain", "Goodbye, Miss Jill" "Get the Monkey Off" to name just a few of the half-hour set. A good time was had by all, including the band who managed to get a write up in the local Shield paper as their music could be heard throughout the town centre.

Special Guest Review: Shen Spencer


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