Artist:  Diamond Dogs

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 14 may 2001  

Later on that evening they were playing in the Newcastle rock venue "Trillians" with local lads, "The Hothouse Rock Band" who made a lot of rockin sounds and got the audience in the mood for a good night.

On came the headliners, all six of them starting in the age-old tradition of making their own intro, "Bloodshot" (very reminiscent of Hanoi Rocks with "Pipeline") and then into the first song. "Hardhitter."

The boogie, rock n roll sound that these guys made in the rock pub was totally outstanding. Stevie Klasson (on guitar) and Stefan Bjork (on bass) where all over the stage, rockin with the crowd that had turned up to see them. Sulo, the lead singer was trying to get everybody in the audience to join in with the catchy chorus to "Anywhere Tonight".

Henrik Widen was doing a very good impression of Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano, obviously influenced greatly by the man. And the rest of the band, Mattias Hellberg on rhythm guitar and Jesper Karlsson belting out the beat on the drums. This striking set of guys made some mean music. Worth every penny of our hard earned dosh to go and see them.

They finished the one and a half-hour set with a rip roaring version of The New York Dolls classic "Pills", which went down a storm and had everyone singing along to in unison.

Special guest reviewer: shen Spencer


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