Artist:  Diamond Dogs

Venue: The Studio, Hartlepool

Date: 16 May 2001  

We loved these guys sooooooo much that we ventured down to Hartlepool to see them in action for the third time in two days. The studio is a fantastic venue in a converted church, which makes the sound quality superior to many venues of its size in the north-east.

The guys were supported expertly by local lads The Hot House Rock band again and then straight into their fantastic live set.

This time the stage was bigger for them to move about too. More freedom and a chance to express themselves in this amazingly, unique venue in Hartlepool town centre.

We had some amazing renditions of "Singin With The Alleycats", "Anywhere Tonight" and "Bite Off". As well as cool solos from all of the band members proving how talented and musical they were individually as well as together as "The Diamond Dogs."

We all had a fantastic time with this band, if you like proper ROCK n roll you'll love them as much as we did. They have the talent and the motivation to go far, so if you get the chance to go and see them go. You'll be dancing by the end of the night!!

Setlist included: Bloodshot, Hardhitter, Goodbye, Miss Jill, Anywhere Tonight, Let Me Share It, Get the Monkey Off, Singin With the Alleycats, Mighty, Mighty Mountain, Bite Off, Pills


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