Artist: Enuff ZNuff 

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  8 May 2001 

We all ventured down to the local rock venue again for a night of rock n' roll, boogie and good times.

Enuff Z Nuff were playing in the North-East of England for the first time in almost 12 years. (The last time being when I was 18 years old at the Riverside, the day before my A Levels started!!!). Trillians was again packed to the brim with old and new fans all eagerly waiting for the headlining band to emerge onto the stage.

The ever-popular "AntiProduct", who had played the venue only a fortnight previously, whipped up the crowd into a party-mood. A lot of the Enuff Z Nuff crowd seemed to warm to this new breed of rock (but as you already know if you are an avid reader of the Mall, we LURVE AntiProduct).

They did seem to win over a lot of the crowd though and got a lot of new people signed to their mailing list.

Then the headliners appeared on stage, every bit the rock n' roll stars, with their leather jackets, John Lennon glasses and even bright red hair. The place just lifted as the adrenaline ran high.

They started the set with a few new songs, Donnie was on top form bouncing all over the stage in his flared, velvet, white trousers. This guy couldn't keep still if he tried (and we still got some cracking photos - even on the move). Chip just stood, looking calm and cool, strumming along on bass to the ever enthusiastically, bouncing of his brother Donnie.

The set list was basically dictated by the Newcastle crowd, shouting out what they wanted to hear every time that Donnie did the honour of asking, "What Do You Guys Want Next?" The set list comprised of classics such as "Fly High Michelle", "For Now", "Kiss The Clown" "Black Rain", "Baby Loves You" and a couple of the bands favourites, by the Beatles.

Donny tried his best to kick the brass bar that acts as a barrier round the stage, off its hinges and quite successfully got it swaying along to "Rock n' World".

The rest of the band were also breath takingly good. Complying with the audiences demands for songs and going along with them, without compromise. Johnny Monaco, with his fantastically beautiful red hair, playing guitar for the world and his brothers to hear. While Ricky on the drums, totally sparkled. Catching people in the audience's eyes and grinning at them, like a very cute, affectionate pussycat.

The night was ended with an extra-special version of New Thing when Donny invited AntiProduct leading man, Alex Kane, on to the stage and revealed that he used to be his flat mate as well as a former member of the band.

You could see the chemistry between them immediately, as they fed off each other's enthusiasm. It made the song more electric than could possibly have been conceived, and gave the end of the night a very magical touch.

Setlist included: For Now, Fly Away, Takin a Ride, Heaven or Hell, Fly High Michelle, Time to Let you Go, Baby Loves You, Kiss The Clown, Rock n World, New Thing, And The Beatles - Revolution


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