Artist:  Ginger & Anti Product

Venue: Changes One, South Shields

Date: 5 June 2001  

It's been a long time since we have seen Ginger from the Wildhearts performing on "home ground".

The last time we saw him was about two years ago when he played with Alex Kane (from the ever fantastic Anti Product) at The Newcastle Art Centre when they were the deadly duo "Clam Abuse".

Today was to be the beginning of Ginger's country wide tour, firstly as himself in a bunch of acoustic sets, secondly with his brand new outfit "Silver Ginger 5" (SG5) with Conny Bloom from "The Electric Boys". And thirdly with the newly reformed humungously brilliant "Wildhearts".

The day was kicked off at our friend Ian's shop "Changes One". Ian is quickly becoming a legend in his own right for having such a brilliant, independent, music store and Internet business in the North-East of England.

Today Anti-Product and Ginger were officially launching the opening of the new "giant sized arena" shop.

The two acts didn't disappoint, showing that they could play un-plugged and sing their hearts out to the 100 strong crowed that filled every nook and cranny in the place.

Anti Product played a solid set for almost an hour and a half, introducing us to some new songs as well as some old favourites like "Best Days of Our Lives" and their new single "Bungee Jumpin' People Die".

Alex encouraging people to shout out what they wanted to here - while Simon kept rhythm behind Alex, on Alex's head J!!! (As well as the Bongo's!!)

Ginger emerged about 4.30ish from out back with Jon Poole his new partner in crime (and SG5 member) for the night.

They were joined by Alex for their acoustic set and belted out a rendition of Geordie in Wonderland and Unlucky In Love as well as She's So Taboo from their Clam Abuse days.

Everyone - including both bands had a rockin afternoon. Definitely a party atmosphere at its best. Big Cheers to Ian for putting on the Changes-One fest!!!!

Special guest reviewer: Shen Spencer


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