Artist:  Ginger & Anti Product

Venue: The Office, South Shields

Date:   5 June 2001

The evening's jollies was started off with our fav's AntiProduct. This set was different by far to their normal stage show.

They all came onto the stage in evening dress, looking every bit the 'classic ensemble'. In fact we were just waiting for Clare to get her violin out, when they went straight into audience participation time!

No hesitation from Alex at all, he just got the crowd singing "Bungee" while he strummed along to it on his acoustic guitar.

This was a truly fantastic sight. Clare, Toshi and Milena all sitting on stools with their posh attire playing along to their hearts content on the electric machines, while Alex strummed out the heart strings of "Rules we Rock n Roll By", "Goin' All the Way" and "Psychedelic Girlfriend" to the audience. No blood, no make-up, no spray paints, just PURE PRODUCT and my God do they shine.

ALL can play (we know that) ALL can sing (we know that) but with out any of the gimmicks - like the stage make up and the head butting of mikes, ALL shone so bright, they were SO tight - they have got to make it to the big time, they quite simply have too go far.

I hope to God that you BIG record companies out there are reading this and taking notice!!!!

Headliner Ginger would have to pull ten million rabbits out of hats to follow this!!!

Our Ginge came out on stage very quietly and all alone looking very forlorn. He sat down on a stool in the middle of the stage and started to sing Geordie in Wonderland. This solo act lasted all of 10 seconds as a huge bunch of Geordies tried to drown him out singing it back at him.

They warmed to his tones and to the fact that he was back on home ground, as did he too the home crowd. The second song was Inside Out a SG5 number, for which he was joined on stage by Alex (this is now his fourth set of the day) and Jon from earlier in the day.

The acoustic set was well into the swing of things with the three top guys playing She's So Taboo, Scotch Chaser High, Sonic Shake, Anyway But Maybe and There's all Ways Someone more Fu*ked up Than You. Along with a harmony or just a general piss take of Stand and Deliver, I just Called to Say I Love You and Purple Haze which then turned into Purple Rain which became Purple Vain!! The floor just bounced with excitement and I don't just mean that in a literal way - I mean it physically bounced.

The crowd had become that strong at the front, with a mosh pit forming (yes, even at an acoustic gig) the floor literally started to move. As the crowd became more excited, it was obviously time to increase the tempo.

Two Wildhearts fanatics joined them on stage (AntiProduct's, Toshi on bass and Simon on drums). Now we got full blown Wildhearts songs, with Head Fu*k and I Wanna Go, the crowd went totally mad.
* Ginger did say later that they were going to play Nita Nitro, but the crowd surge was unbelievable at the front, from what they could see on stage and decided against it to avoid any injuries.*

To end on such a high was unbelievable, leaving the crowd hungry for more. The night belonged to both AntiProduct and Ginger and as they are all good friends it made the night and the atmosphere even more fantastic.

We have got to admit four of us out of five from the Mall were at the gig and we had such a good time. The gig was different to a normal acoustic set because it still turned out to be manic at the end - we wouldn't have missed it for the world, we all went home four very happy bunnies!@#!!


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