Artist:  Goteki

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  11 January 2001 

Formerly known as Sneaky Bat Machine the band take to the stage in a bizarre combination of fun fur, welders goggles and fluorescent reflective strips.

The crowd tonight are most definitely fans and fans only. This is one of those bands that appeal to the surreal, the cult following as you might call them. Their style is electric Goth which translated means not quite Goth and not quite rave music.

This is rock as it's most eccentric. The fans wear a mish-mash of clothing which is so confused it often looks cluttered and confused.

As the band open the set with 'Disco 4 the Dead' a lot of their so called fans don't seem to have noticed they have actually started to play and carry on talking. It's only when the band get into the third song that the room seem to realise they are playing and start to take notice. Not being a big fan of this style of music myself I have to admit that the tunes are catchy and hold a good beat. However I think it's more a case of they are OK for a couple of songs but after that you start to get bored with the electronic sounds drifting out.

By the time they broke into their fourth song it became apparent that they were suffering severe drum machine problems and without that the songs are lost really. Most bands would have walked off and gone home at this point but the fans, who had only recently come out of their coma, were shouting for them to continue.
The rest of the set was a shambles musically as fans desperately tried to clap out the drum beat for the band accapello style. What should have been a bad ending actually saved most of us from dying of boredom as it was so entertaining and could only be compared to a Spinal Tap moment.

The band quipped that they wondered if Kraftwerk ever had these sort of horror shows. By and large the band have to be given top marks for keeping such good spirits about it and carrying on in the face of utter disaster. They will never be among my top 10 bands musically, but they will be for humour and sheer determination to make sure the show went on regardless and the fans all had a good time.

Setlist: Disco 4 the Dead, Autoloader, We can rebuild You, Fight the Saucerman, Steam Virus, Wicked little Girl, The final Countdown, Boneshaker, Lasergun Music


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