Artist:  Gunz N Rozes

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 8 February 2001  

Considering this is a Thursday night its surprising how many people are willing to pay to see a tribute band in this venue. I have to confess that I had never seen this particular band in action before tonight's gig, but from the look of the crowd which was quite large right from the doors opening, I knew that this was going to be not just any old tribute band.

Guns N Roses are one of those bands we all adored in the 80's, every one who was anyone had their albums in their collection. The clubs knew that all they had to do was stick on a track by the band and they whole room would descend onto the dance floor as one mass of bodies.

They had the look, they had to style, they had good songs and members who looked like they belonged in a rock band. Young males would dress like their favourite member and take on the persona
of that member when they were out on the town. Then the bubble burst and the band quickly disintegrated.

They never made it back after all the bickering and fighting that went on between them, so much to give and yet over so quickly. The fans still wanted them to continue as a group, we loved them and we needed them, but it wasn't to be.

So tonight we make do with this tribute band who have aptly been named as ... 'The most dangerous tribute band in the world!'. Whether this is true I couldn't say, but if you liked the attitude of the band, the look and the songs, then this tribute band is the closet you will ever get to the real thing.

Not only did they look like the band but they also sounded like them as well. During the set which was long and very enjoyable we saw more costume changes by the lead singer than I could count on one hand. It seemed that for every song he had a new outfit, what a pro!.

Between songs the singer talked in a fake American accent which was very close to that of Axel himself, he even introduced the band members as if they were the real Guns N Roses. You really had to stop and wonder whether they were acting out parts or whether they really believed it as it was so accurate and made it all the more special. Tonight they weren't just some tribute band we had on stage before us, THEY WERE THE BAND!

The band consisted of Garry Crowley who took the part of Axel Rose and did a very good job of it as well. Ok so he carries a bit more meat on him but he still looks the part. Next we had Neil Powers as Izzy Stradlin. A man who's resemblance was uncanny to say the least. Duff McKagan was played by Craig Forsyth.

On the drums we had Steve Harcourt who although didn't look much like Matt Sorum, sounded really good during the songs. Last but not least we had Joe Harcourt as Slash. All I can say about this man is he must be his long lost brother as he had him down to a T.

The room thoroughly enjoyed this musical extravaganza and the members who performed in front of us. This may be a poor mans alternative to what once was a mighty band, but they do them proud and continue to keep that fire burning in the hearts of us all that maybe one day they will return in all their glory to thrill us again.

Setlist included:
Welcome to the Jungle, Mr Brownstone, Michelle, Night Train, Don't Cry, So Easy, Out to get Me, Sweet child of Mine, You could be Me, Civil War, Live & let Die, Only women Bleed, Knocking on heavens Door, Rocket Queen, Paradise City


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