Festival: Z Records Festival 

Artist:  Jaded Heart

Venue: Maximes, Wigan

Date: 26 August 2001  


Third band up on the stage today was none other than Jaded Heart. Now here's the band that had to win the best-dressed prize of the day. The others looked good but these guys really did look like rock stars.

Led by a front man who looked every inch a double of the mighty Vince Neil with his magnificent blonde mane, big white smile and bright blue eyes, it wasn't hard to see why there were so many young females clambering forward to watch these guys in action.

They were all lookers, no disputing that. Not only that but they could play as well! The crowd was starting to swell as the set progressed and the band seemed to be known to everyone except us.

Try as we might to find out some info on them before the day we had absolutely no success at all. Someone, somewhere, tell us something about these guys please! Their set was being recorded for inclusion on a live album they are putting together, much to the delight of their fans.

The band put forward a solid set with lots of screeching guitars, long high vocals and much tossing of the hair throughout. The crowd were loving it and it wasn't just the women either.

They were probably the closest we came to traditional AOR bands as far as today's line-up was concerned. With today's mixed bag of bands you could see why certain quarters were much happier to see a band like this put us through our paces than some of the others. They knew what they had to do and they came right on and did just that and then some.

Although they did a few too many power ballads for our own personal taste, the rest of the crowd didn't seem to care or notice. When they played their livelier songs they were really good, but after a couple of power ballads we got a bit sick and wanted something with a bit more oomph to it to keep us going.

Don't get us wrong there was absolutely nothing wrong with the songs themselves; it was just our own personal preference that's all. They band were top-notch rock n' rollers and they really gave the fans their money's worth and then some.

You've got to give it to them, they really knew how to play the crowd and the microphone was thrust out on more than a few occasions to the flock of adoring fans all eager to sing along to the songs they performed.

The band closed their set with a cover version of Phil Collin's 'Easy Lover'. Not a song we would have ever in a million years expected to hear a rock band do a cover of at a gig like this. They did it well, they did it proud and thankfully it did not fall flat on its face, which it could have done very easily. At least we knew the words to this one!

After an introduction to this band like we had today we would be curious to see them perform again. Only next time they should drop the cover and knock a few of the power ballads off the setlist in favour for more of their magnificent rousing numbers. They can do them, and they do them so very well, so let's have a bit more of that next time.

Best of luck to them and I'm sure everyone who saw them enjoyed their set. The very fact that when the band left they stage they did so to rapturous applause and stomping of feet said volumes about they way their die hard fans felt about them being here today. They loved them to bits.

Setlist: No Hesitation, Live and let Live, Can't wait 4 Love, Inside Out, With your Eyes, Excuse, Dream is over, Dangerous, Heaven is Falling, Help, Perfect World, Easy Lover


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