Artist: Papa Roach 

Venue: Northumbria University, Newcastle

Date:  29 may 2001 

Phew! What a scorcher! Normally reserved for the front page of the tabloids after a heatwave, but in this case it also describes the Papa Roach gig.

Not only was it a blistering set, but the whole place (and I was in the "cooler" part upstairs) was also blistering. Think really hot sauna - with ALL your clothes on (yuk!) Boy am I glad the ceiling in there is wooden!

After grinding through the first three tracks, singer Coby Dick announced that it was drummer David B.'s birthday. While Coby got the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to him, a Sam Fox-a-gram climbed up on the drum riser, she stuck his head up her top, then showed the crowd her "assets". It was probably the first time most of the crowd had seen boobs since they were breast-fed!

As mentioned above, it was REALLY hot. The band did stop the set a few times between songs to give water to the crowd (very nice of you, guys). Coby also commented that it may be the last Papa Roach gig ever, as he swore he was gonna collapse and die afterwards! The crowd energy kept him going, apparently.

When they came to doing the Faith No More cover "The Art of Making Enemies", they invited the guitarist from support band Alien Ant Farm onstage to add a bit of oomph (as if any was needed). And a member of the audience joined in microphone duties!

Coby did spend a several occasions in the Mosh Pit (about 3 times altogether) but he saved the best to last by jumping off the speaker stack into the crowd near the end. Surprisingly, on each occasion, he managed to retain the microphone!

All else I can say is go see them while they're still doing small venues to appreciate their intensity. They make the music of long-haired men - very deceptive. And expect to get really sweaty!

And guys, why did you put Newport on your tour t-shirts instead of Newcastle?

The set-list (ish) was as follows: Infest, Between Angels & Insects, Blood Brothers, Revenge, Binge, Never Enough, Thrown Away, The Art of Making Enemies (Faith No More cover), Broken Home, Snakes, Dead Cell, Last Resort

Special guest reviewer: Riff Binney


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