Artist:  Plan A

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  4 April 2001 

The night was opened up by local, South Shields band "Stuffed". These guys were fun to watch and really warmed up the audience for the headliners, with good punk riffs and humorous lyrics, reminiscent of The Toy Dolls.

They did a raucous version of the 'classic' Muppet tune "Manama-na" (you try spelling it) and a cover of the TD's version of "Nelly The Elephant", with the guest vocals of Changes One's aficionado, Mr. Ian Tunstall.

After the recent news that the Wildhearts are reforming with their original line up, former member, guitar-slinger Jef unleashes his new band, "Plan A" onto the ever eager Geordie rock scene. Jef takes on the role of lead vocals and guitar, with old school mate Paul Bate "Pitbull" helping out with more guitar and extra vocals.
On Bass, Nick Peckham (formerly of The Vibrator, Big Boy Tomato and Sugar Snatch) and making up the power quintet on drums, the effervescent, Gary Mills.

"Plan A" took the stage and cranked up the volume delivering slices of pure punk driven rock n roll. Likened to the Ramones style with a cheeky twist of quirkiness. These guys really knew how to get the rock n roll juices flowing, with tasty morsels like "Moving Along" and "Cheeky".

They managed to coax the locals into singing along with the anthemic L.I.C. and who could forget their touching ode to Melinda Messenger - Monkey Face. (As they sang, "nice t*ts, shame about the face").

After about an hour of rock n roll fun, their parting gesture, to show how multi-talented they are, they all swapped instruments (Yes, even the drummer) and performed a reggae style ending of "Monkey Face".
They then proceeded to save the roadies the trouble of clearing the stage by dismantling the set around them and leaving a "Plan A" converted and very happy crowd.


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