Artist: Psycho A Go Go 

Venue: Changes Ones, South Shields

Date: 6 August 2001  

When asked what he thought of the afternoon performance by Psycho-A-Go-Go, the owner of Changes One Mr. Tunstall replied:

"I was very, very, very impressed with the stage presence and performance of Psycho a Go Go.

Their instore was well received. Plenty of vocal support and applause throughout. A number of people travelled in excess of 40 -50 miles for the event. Many also walked in from off the street.

Their set included favourites from the Whiskey Chaser EP + a few Rock n Roll cover versions too. Also a great Mm mm mm Motorvate...version too. I kid you not " at the end of the gig they did a beach boys surf on the" roof "of their van " behind the shop !!!!!!! I guess they were happy".

Well after a recommendation like that who could resist going down to see the band perform a full set at The Office later that night? Never being ones to miss out on a good gig we promptly filled up the car and headed on over there.

The room was nicely filled by the time the band came on at 9.30 pm. Describing themselves as Punk-A-Billy-Rock they introduced themselves and informed us that they were from Aberdeen.

They had come straight over from their set on the afternoon at Changes One and you could just tell even before they told you where they were from that they came from Scotland.

How? Well Rob-A-Go-Go was sporting a skirt! OK, well not a skirt as such, a lovely kilt, phroaw! I do like a man in a kilt!

In fact to describe him as a Scottish Robbie Williams look-alike wouldn't be too far from the true!

We were told by lead singer Jonny-A-Go-Go not to be afraid of this vision before us.  If anyone was afraid of him early on they soon overcame it later on when the mass stage invasion erupted, but more about that later!

It took a couple of songs to warm up the crowd but by the time they had launched into 'Born in Vegas', complete with full on punkish attitude, they soon had a small posse of young men throwing themselves about in all directions in front of the stage.

The band genuinely looked amused and glad to see that people were having such a good time and thanked everyone for turning up that afternoon.

A big cheer went up and they proceeded onwards with a very cover of Eddy Cochran's 'C'mon Everybody'! This was well received and we could hear the strains coming from behind as the crowd joined in.

Next up it was 'Wheel of Misfortune' with its big drum solo courtesy of Fast Johnny C. He may be but a wee bairn but he knows how to tan those hides!

Throughout the whole gig the band, who were all dressed to kill, let their hair down and really got into the spirit of the gig.

Lead singer Jonny-A-Go-Go dressed in black Stetson, shades and a leopard print shirt was merrily doing the splits around the stage in time to the songs.

The man whose knee's captivated the hearts of many a young lass that night, Rob-A-Go-Go grinned like a demented cat as he spun around the stage.

To the left of the stage we had the guitar wielding Psycho G. Another fan of black pants and leopard print top he looked one mean dude!

The blur on the drums was Fast Johnny C, if you don't believe the name then go see him in action.

One of the funniest moments throughout the gig was when the band introduced the song 'Rockin' by Lunch', and invited us all to take our partners and to do a line dance! We were told it was a slow one and so 8 students, who were up for a bit of a laugh, rushed to the front and spun each other around in time with the tempo.

Johnny C was obviously impressed by their light-footed efforts as he stood up throughout the whole song to watch them as he performed.  The room was hot, the band was going full throttle and the crowd was having fun. What a great way to start the week.

The band have a unique sound all of their own, to try and describe who they sound like is difficult. Every now and again you could hear a hint of The Ramones or The Stray Cats drift out between the chords they played.

However you describe them, one thing's for certain, the dance floor was busy all night and the crowd of young people here tonight were really enjoying the music they played and the lively performance they gave.

It didn't take long for the band to realise that the North East, South Shields in particular, love all things to do with The Wildhearts and The Yo-Yo's.  Apologies were given to Danny McCormick for the versions they did of 'Out of my Mind' and 'Headfuck'. All three were surprisingly good.

I'm sure had either Ginger or Danny been here tonight they would have been equally as impressed. The band cried out during 'Motorvate' for everyone to Bounce like Fuck! What wags!  The stage invasion did occur, as it so often does on a Monday night. A bewildered band had to battle to hold on to the microphones as the fans joined in the singing with the cover songs.

If you want to hear what a Punk-A-Billy-Rock band sound like then here you are. Their name is Psycho-A-Go-Go and they come from Aberdeen!

Setlist: Beat Demon, Swamp Boogie, Born in Vegas, C'mon Everybody, Wheel of Misfortune, I Love USA, Rockin' by Lunch, RNR, Blue suede Shoes, Love break City, Out of my Mind, Motorvate, Hot Dog. Encore: Headfuck


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