Artist:  Purity Jar

Venue: Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle

Date:  5 April 2001 

The band take to the stage a little before 9 pm and break the crowd straight in with the song 'Cry'. It's good that they introduced themselves to us as the posters on the walls describe them only as '+ Support'. Not a very flattering or fitting description for one of the hottest bands to come out of the North East in a great many years.

The crowd soon warms to them as lead singer Sharron shows us just what the word powerful means with her impressive vocal range. By the end of this first song the crowd are well and truly hooked and waited eagerly to see if there was more of the same to come. Well there was, and plenty of it.

This four piece really know how to give a crowd their moneys worth, more than their moneys worth I would say. Throughout the songs the crowd sat in awe and watched silently. The only time they made a sound was at the end of each song to clap enthusiastically and encourage the band to play then another one.

When the band played 'Head down to my Toes', (taken from their forthcoming single), you realise that you are witnessing something rarely seen, a band with real talent who haven't been manufactured or corrupted in any way. This new song is very catchy and should do very well in both the clubs and also on the airwaves. Another favourite of mine from the set was 'Window Shopping' which is sure to see the band with yet another hit on the horizon.

This band is definitely one of the UK's best kept secrets. It's incredible to believe that they have only been together 6 months as if you heard any one of the songs they played here tonight on the radio, you would accept it straight away as the sound is so perfect and the performance polished.

The passion with which the two guitarists Alex and Neil play are remarkable. The drummer may look fresh faced as he sits at the back of the stage and plays with all his might, well he is! He is in fact only 17 years old!

Anyone who has been to a Purity Jar gig will confirm that the talent this young man shows and the determination to make sure the beat carries on throughout all the songs is commendable. Such talent in such a young person is remarkable to find these days. He doesn't just play, he plays with all his might and all his skill, through every single beat.

It's hardly surprising to find out that the band have already had a couple of labels making lucrative offers to them. They, like the rest of us here tonight, know a good thing when we see one.

As the tempo becomes more lively so also does lead singer Sharron who really reads the rhythm as she performs. Guitarist Alex also gets stuck in, while we see bass player Neil looking strong and silent at the left hand side of the stage. The set was nicely finished off with the lively melody of 'Sunshine'.

You only need to hear this band perform once before you soon realise that they shouldn't be playing support to anyone. They should be the ones headlining the gigs. Believe me when I say this time is not that far off. Go catch them while you can for tomorrow they might be playing the Arena and it will cost you a hell of a lot more to see them play headline there!

Setlist: Cry, High Position, Little man, Powder Pill, Head to toe, 7%, Window Shopping, Beautiful, Sunshine


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