Artist: SackTrick 

Venue: Rios, Bradford

Date: 6 July 2001  

Sack TrickThis was the first time that we would witness the wonderment known as Sack Trick. Sack Trick virgins the lot of us!

A journey of 230 miles round trip was required to make this happen. Was it really going to be worth it though? Well to be honest we didn't have to think twice about the long haul, just knowing that we would finally get to see this bizarre act live in concert was more than enough to persuade us.

And so like the good little Geordie's we are, we piled into our cars and took the road.

Arriving at The Rio early evening, it was cool and it was raining, the steps to the front door were littered with broken glass. What a good start to the night…

We were stiff from the journey down and needed a beer. By the time the 2 support bands had done their bit for rock n roll we were watered and ready for action.

Standing at the side of the room we were ready for the race to the front of the stage when Sack Trick came on. Earlier on we'd already spotted (and harassed) the mighty Joe (Inferno) at the merchandise stall, now we were geared up for the big boys to take to the stage.

Sack TrickThe lights went down, we all rushed forward, everybody started screaming and clapping.

The lights came up and there before us were four grown lads in strange black and white stripy outfits. Looking more like a load of playtime rag dolls they looked up for a wild old time and that's just what we were hoping for.

Chris Dale started the set with 'Antarctica', the intro from their second album 'Penguins on the Moon'.

The sound was rather naff on the first 3 songs but that was more to do with the sound techie than the band itself. Once he got to grips with how they were supposed to sound the rest of the gig went on without hitch. The sounded really good and they looked absolutely adorable.

So who was in the band tonight then? That's one of the very first questions most people ask with this band.

Well, as I've already mentioned we had Chris Dale on Lead Vocals and Bass,
to his right we had Chris Nubile on Guitar and backing vocals.

Sack TrickOn drums we had a man whose who life seems to be about wearing silly costumes, Robin Guy, who also helped out with backing vocals.

Last but most certainly not least to Chris's left we had the eternally cute Joe Inferno on percussion. A man who looks so natural in a skirt it's scary.

Later in the set the band were joined by none other than Ace Frehley and Gene Simmons! Wow! What a line-up!

The set was rammed full of all our favourite Sack Trick songs and a few more for good luck. Who could resist singing along to such classic rock tracks as Cheesy, Blue Ice Cream, and All I Want Is Fish.

Not forgetting the 'heads doon' song 'Microwave Sweetheart'. A track that jiggles with the brain and makes your head shake involuntarily.

It was towards the end of the set that they launched into 'We're On Our Way Back' and the crowd gave out one of their loudest cheers of the night.

Chris instructed us that this was a sad song and we shouldn't be so cheerful, but that was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. The band really gave it their all and so did the crowd.

I doubt there were many people in the room not infected by this thoroughly delightful little song. We did try to look sad but it's hard when you are having such a whale of a time (or should that be penguin?…).

Phroaw what a set! Can't wait to see them again tomorrow night!


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