Artist:  Sack Trick

Venue: Fibbers, York

Date:  7 July 2001 

Sack TrickWhat can I say after seeing the band play at The Rio last night. Once again we cranked up the jalopy and took to the road.

No sooner had the doors opened, than we all piled in and camped down on good spot near the stage to view the band.

Our ears were still buzzing off the night before and the adrenalin still pumping through our veins. We patiently watch the hands of the clock go round and round until 10 o' clock came and it was time for the band to come out and play. The one saving grace for the long wait was the appearance of local rock band Anubia who did a rather loud and enthusiastic support set just after 9 o' clock.

The venue was small but had quite a nice atmosphere going on with its wooden clad interior. It was also incredibly hot and humid. How would our heroes manage to play in these conditions? Would their make-up run half way through their set we wondered? Who would pass out first with heat stroke? Them or us? Better stock up on something wet and refreshing before they come on (no, not fish! beers!).

Just after 10 the lights were turned down and we saw Chris scurry about in the darkness making one last minute check to see that everything was plugged in and ready for the band to come on and do their stuff.

The lights came on (loads more than last night! We could actually see Robin this time, which we couldn't do very well last night).

The band jollied on grinning like demented Cheshire cats. The crowd pushed forward against the wire cage that surrounded the stage and the band. (Do they usually keep the bands in a cage or was it because these guys are wild and dangerous party animals?).

Opening once again with 'Antarctica', Chris Dale beamed out at the crowd and they beamed back at him. Baby penguins could be heard calling in the distance for their mums, or maybe that was just Chris Nubile with his face painted like Spot the dog?

Dressed in stripy black and white outfits this bunch of loons had rode into town and were ready to take on some new victims with their madness. Behind them was rag-dolly Robin Guy on drums, a strangely appealing looking character if ever there was one. Tucked into the corner was Joe Inferno on percussion surrounded by penguins, he even had one perched on the top of his hat!

The venue and stage may have been a lot smaller than some of the other gigs they had played on their tour, but the crowd here tonight was most definitely die-hard fans that had come out in their drones.

Both the lighting and sound was so much better than the previous night and the atmosphere was much more relaxed and enjoyable.

One of their many fans had given them a penguin mobile which they had duly hung above them on the stage. The whole stage in fact was full of little penguin presents that they had been given to the band over the years.

Once again the set was stuffed full of all the fans favourites from their first two albums. Among them we had 'Hiring Camels', 'Cheesy', 'Blue Ice Cream', and a frenzied 'Microwave Sweetheart'. It was when the band started the opening lines of 'All I Want Is Fish' that the assembled crowd really gave their lungs a good clearing and sang along with all their might.

Was I the only one that felt a wave of joyful emotions when they launched into 'We're On Our Way Back'? It's only a matter of time before a sea of lighters appears at one of these gigs during this little darling!

The band finished their set just before 11 o' clock. Oh no! You can't finish it like that! We want more! The crowd cheered and jeered for more and more we did in fact get! An encore followed of the Kiss song 'Strutter'. Little did we realize but Gene Simmons had heard about tonight's gig and had duly come along to help put the lads through their paces!

As the clock struck 11 the band said their farewells once more and skipped off the stage looking dripping wet and really funny.

Their make-up had run and their clothes were absolutely wringing wet and clinging to them. But just one look at their happy little faces and judging by the way they gone totally flipping mental during their encore, they seemed to have enjoyed every second of tonight's gig.

Everybody that had turned up to see them perform certainly did and next time they tour they will have an even bigger legion of fans than they had when they first arrived.

There's so much more I could tell you about tonight's performance and the madcap characters that we saw onstage tonight but I won't. What I will tell you however is that this is one band you cannot afford to miss. If you are looking for a good time, an evening of sheer insanity, then a Sack Trick concert is for you. This band is for the totally insane.

If you're looking for deep meaningful songs then forget it. Someone forgot to lock the doors to the asylum and this is what's escaped! It's scary - it's grown lads in tights and playtime clothing.

It's loud and lively - they bound around the stage like a bunch of 5 years olds that have eaten too many smarties. But best of all IT'S ONE HELL OF A LOT OF FUN!!!


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