Artist:  Samantha 7

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date: 19 February 2001  

Once again Trillians comes up trumps and gives the hoards of rock fans their regular dose of decent rock. Who would have ever thought it that the one and only Mr CC Deville would grace our local? Well tonight he did just that and he brought along a bunch of friends more commonly known as the fabulous Samantha 7 along with him.

I tell you no word of a lie when I say that this place was buzzing with excitement, no one could actually believe that the band was actually gonna appear on stage tonight. Rockers old and new are squashed into every corner in the hope of glimpsing a look at these rock n' roll icons.

It's been a long time since that much hairspray and jewellery had been worn by so many of the male population in Newcastle as we saw before us tonight. You could easily be mistaken into thinking you had gone back in time to the wild 80's when outrageous was just another way of dressing. The faces might be a little older in the crowd but the passion they felt for glam in the 80's is very much alive tonight.

The band took to the stage at about 9.30 pm. We were slightly disappointed to find that there was to be no support band. Which would have been extremely easy to fill as most people would have given their right arm to play as support to these guys. They would have paid them for the privilege.

Still we were here to see Samantha 7 in all their glory so that didn't spoil the night. The band took to the stage with an uproar of clapping and whistling from the fans. Before our very eyes we had CC Deville less than 2 feet away from our faces. To say they feeling overall was one of shell shocked excitement is an understatement. I don't think many of us could really comprehend the might of this man in front of us, who for so many years had been our hero, and had tonight come to play for us onstage.

Samantha 7 are one of the hottest bands around. Their debut album which came out last year and until recently has only been available on import, is an absolute stomper. CC or Cecil as he is now called, greeted the crowd of hungry fans and the band launched straight into the first song of 'Hollywood & Vine'.

The crowd keep their distance from the front of the stage, still transfixed by the band and it's lead singer. CC sensing this stops the song for a moment and tells them to get on up to the front, he tells us he wants to see us up at the front with him. The crowd eagerly shuffle forward and look up in awe at this man giving them orders.

Soon the whole place was singing along to the songs and both the band and their followers were all having a good time. It's quite surprising how many of the fans actually know all the words to the songs. They were all more than willing to sing along with the band.

After 2 songs we had a lovely little story from CC about the song 'Framed'. He tells us that he wrote this as an excuse for his bad behaviour. He told us he had been dogging about and his girlfriend found out and really wasn't happy about it at all. The song is an explanation of how he tried to wriggle out of the blame for what he had done. He said he was forced into it and didn't want to do it, hence the title 'Framed'. He knew what he had done was wrong and was sorry, well sorry to have been caught out.

The band then launched into the song while the crowd were still laughing and 'bonding' with this bad boy of rock and his escapade tales. It was during the opening lines to this song that a voice was heard from the crowd shouting ' Krys I want your babies!', whether he heard or not I'm not sure but if he did it must have made him laugh.

The next song 'Famous' also had a little introduction to it. We were told that is all that CC ever wanted to be, he wanted to shout out, look at me, hey I'm famous! Well we already knew he was famous as the guitarist in Poison, and if tonight's show is anything to go by, Samantha 7 are going to be as famous as well. Cecil really knows how to play a crowd and read their needs for tales and tunes. He plays them better than the guitar that is strapped to his front and that takes some doing. Geordie crowds are not usually known to take to new bands in quite such a spectacular fashion.

On the right hand side of the stage we had the extremely talented Mr Krys Baratto, complete with new patchwork trousers that looked fantastic. On drums we had Derek St Homes guesting and on to the left on guitar we had Ty Babylonia. Francis Ruiz has left the band and it is hoped that this arrangement is only temporary.

CC really didn't seem to Gel with this new drummer at all. For a large
portion of the set he kept having a go at him for playing too loud, too slow, too quiet, too fast, no matter how hard he tried this man could not make CC a happy man. The crowd didn't really care about what the drummer was sounding like, they loved the band and the show and wouldn't have noticed if he wasn't the same as Francis, but CC did and he clearly wasn't happy about it. Come back Francis and save his sanity please!!!

Next up we had another big favourite with the fans ... 'Slave Laura'. Again before they started we had another tale to be told from CC. It soon became apparent that what you hear in the songs are really true life experiences from his life as a rock star. Oh what fun they were to hear as well.

Laura we were told was a former girlfriend of CC's. He said she was always about during the day but never around at night. He got suspicious and soon he found out his girlfriend was a dominatrix no less! He said he loved her but she used to cut him with razors on his chest and them put clips on his 'titties' (his words not mine).

Eventually they finished and he never heard from her since. But went on to say 'Laura if you are out there honey, I miss you come back to me!'. This has probably got to be one of the funniest introductions I've ever heard to a song, complete with actions. This is what makes this man a true gem to watch live in concert. He is the man!

The set took us through another 2 songs before we were told it was Poison Karaoke time! The crowd looked a bit nervous at this and waited for more information to be given. The whole room was then invited to join the band onstage to sing some Poison songs with them, which on a stage that size is quite some feat.

Well not everyone could fit on but there were plenty who did. Surprisingly enough you would expect to see all females clambering up there, but no it was the male members who worshipped the ground CC walked upon that were to take the stage by storm. For every 5 male fans you had 1 female fan, they couldn't get on to be honest, not with all these lads rushing onstage.

The stage groaned under the weight as a very crowded stage started to belt out 'Look what the cat dragged in', an all time favourite anthem for Poison. Krys and Derek disappeared behind the sea of fans and Ty took refuge in the back corner out of the way. The fans loved every second of it and thought that once it had finished that would be it, but no, CC invited more people to come onstage and asked who knew the words to 'Nothing but a good time'.

Local glam fan Simon raised his hand and actually looked like he belonged in the band as he was every inch the image of a glam rock star. He was handed the microphone and soon we were off again.

It might have been a long time since this particular song was played in the clubs but this fan knew all the words and did the band proud. In tune and in time he led the hoard of fans through the song.

Afterwards CC said that Simon was the man and that he should be the lead singer instead of him as he did a better job and could remember all the words. He even teased him about keeping him in tune when he had hit a duff note on his guitar. The room was in uproar at this.

It might have been a long time since this particular song was played in the clubs but this fan knew all the words and did the band proud. In tune and in time he led the hoard of fans through the song.

It was then you realised that this night would remain etched on everybody's memories for a great many years as one of the best nights out ever. Andy Warhol once said that everybody has 15 minutes of fame in their life, well for Simon it might not have been 15 minutes, but this would be the moment he will carry with him to his death bed.

The show rounded off with 'Talk dirty to me', another Poison favourite which saw a wave of satisfaction go though the crowd. A young female fan tried to catch CC's eye by flashing her bare boobs at him, but he was so high on the atmosphere I don't think he even noticed. A few of the male fans onstage did and that probably helped make their night even more memorable.

We had come to see this band in concert and they had done us proud. They had given us a show to remember and for once they had actually invited us to partake of the show. Never before have we seen this in Trillians. Each and every fan felt that for one night only, by doing the Poison Karaoke they had been a part of the band and not just a fan. What a wonderful idea to do this in a show.

Then far too soon the show ended, it was only an hour earlier that the band had come onstage. I realise they only have one album out, but we really would have loved it if they had come back out for an encore and done another 3 songs off the album.

Overall the show was great, well worth the money and next time around the band are guaranteed another packed room at this venue. Not only that but a few of the fans there will probably be more likely to go to some of their other gigs as well in other areas.

Cecil, Krys, Derek and Ty, we love you, we really do. Thank you so much for making us happy and coming to see us. Please make sure you come back again when the new album is released.

Setlist: Hollywood and Vine, Hanging onto Jane, Framed, I wanna be Famous, Slave Laura, I hate every bone in your Body, Cover Girl, Look what the cat dragged In, Nothing but a good Time, Talk dirty to Me


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