Artist:  Sigua Sigue Sputnik

Venue: The Studio, Hartlepool

Date: 21 July 2001  

Hitting the stage at 10.20pm precisely the band that captured our imaginations in the mid 80's with their outrageous looks and equally bizarre songs presented themselves before us.

When we told people who we were travelling down to see tonight we were met with sniggers and laughter. Why? One thing you have to admit is that this band was always up for a good time and was also quite musically talented, even if their subjects were a little corny.

We fully expected to see the room full of new age Cyber Goths. How wrong we were! Instead the room was stuffed full of a much older crowd who looked more like old style punks with their bovver boy combats and mohican hair cuts.

We began to wonder if they realised who it was that was going to be playing here tonight, not only that but would the place go up in fury once the band hit the stage.

We needn't have worried because as soon as the band appeared the place did in fact go up, only not quite as we expected it to. Instead the hardest looking chaps you have ever seen ran, yes ran! to the front and started to bop about! This continued in a frenzied manner throughout the whole night. To say it was a very surreal scene is an understatement.

Onstage we had 3 blokes looking more camp than a field full of boy scouts and then gazing up in wonderment at them were these really dangerous looking chaps.

On lead vocals we had Martin Degville dressed in bleached denims and a silver sparkly sleeveless top. His hair was bleached blonde and his fringe reached out from the front of his head about 4-5" at least in a huge rock-a-Billy quiff.

On Bass we had Tony James with his flamingo pink tressels. Looking like an extra from Miami Vice we had guitarist Neal X. Lastly tucked away at the back of the stage was the lovely cyber-rock goddess herself Jenny Z.

The band started with the wonderful 'Sex Bomb Boogie', which had the whole room jumping. It didn't take long before we realised that we had made the right decision to come here tonight to see this band perform.
Perform they did and it was not simply a case of singing a few songs and managing to play the right chords to the right songs. No these guys gave a PERFORMANCE.

What's the difference I hear you ask? Well if you had seen their flamboyant costumes and they way they really hammed it up for the crowd then you would have realised that they are not only very talented musicians but also give their fans a show to remember.

The person operating the smoke machine must have been a bit excited to see this all happening here in Hartlepool as he went a bit wild with the old smoke machine, a problem a lot of bands seem to have during their performances.

However once the smoke had cleared you could actually see the band as well as hear them.

The band played on and the crowd went mental. How many other lead singers can thrust and swivel the way Martin can? The spirit of Elvis looked like it had possessed this man.

The band went through songs old and new and thrilled their fans with each and every one of them. It wasn't long before they invited a female fan up onstage to strut her stuff with them. During which they broke two strings and laughed it off by saying that you'd pay 85 to see Madonna in concert and you wouldn't get it as good as this.

Tonight's gig had cost us a measly 6 and I have to agree these guys are soooo much more fun to watch than old Maddy would have been.

The whole gig was full of hilarious moments like when someone tried to sabotage the gig by setting the fire alarm off and the bands power was cut mid performance. It didn't take long to reset the system but it was rather amusing for all who were there.

The band seemed to take it in good humour too. This and their groupie female fan who's dress barely managed to stay up much to the approval of guitarist Neal X who's eyes were out on stalks as he watched it fall further and further down her ample bosoms.

The thing is with this band they really do give you a good show, not only musically but also visually.

They have more than handful, more of a bucketful of songs that would go down a storm in the clubs we have around today. And yet you never hear them mentioned let alone played at any of these places, why?

Is it because they are not seen as serious musicians? Is it because they looks like a bunch of grown men who have decided to play dressy up with their kid sisters Girls World?

Whatever the reason they clubs should be ashamed of themselves as they are depriving a lot of people out of a lot of great fun cyber rock.

Soon it was time for the legendary 'F1-11', the song that really shot the band into the big scene back in 1986. There wasn't a TV programme or magazine cover that didn't have these guys on back then.

They still have what it takes to give you a thrill and I have to say that tonight's performance was a one I will not forget for a long time for so many different reasons.

I liked the cover of The Rolling Stones 'Pleased To Meet You' which they slotted into causally in the middle of 'F1-11'.

The set was completed with an encore, which strangely enough sounded very similar to a Brian Adams one, although I doubt that's what it was.
A stage invasion took place as the room on mass ascended onto the stage to see the night off with the band.

Great fun! Can't wait to see them again at the next one!

Setlist included: Sex Bomb Boogie, Everybody Loves You, 21st Century Boy, Alien Christ, M*A*D, Teenage Thunder, Suicide (?), Virginia Plain, Jayne Mansfield, F1-11, Atari Baby, Rocket Miss USA


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