Artist: Sigue Sigue Sputnik  

Venue: Fibbers, York

Date: 16 October 2001  

Making their grand entrance a little after 9.30 the band came on in all their splendour. The crowd was thin on the ground but those that had turned up had made an effort and were dressed to kill.

Where else would you see cyber Goths, leather clad bikers, peacock proud punks and eccentric teddy boys dressed in full leopard print fun fur suits stand shoulder to shoulder? Only at a Sigue Sigue Sputnik show my friend, only at an Sigue Sigue Sputnik show.

They band peered out from the front of the stage at the fans below and smiled, with a bit of coaxing they soon persuaded them to shuffle closer. I ask you, how could anyone feel intimidated by a band whose lead singer looks a cross between Limahl and Boy George? Decked head to toe in sequins and feathers he wasn't going to bite now was he? Well not unless you asked him nicely!

 The stage was bathed in pink and blue lights and way, way too much dry ice, so much so that if they had snuck offstage we'd not have known any different. At times you could only see a swirl of brightly coloured smoke onstage and couldn't make out the band at all.

They launched into 'Everybody Loves You'. A highly addictive song with a very addictive dance beat running throughout. If that didn't get your foot tapping then nothing would.

The pub was hot and sticky; the dry ice flooded out across the room from the stage and swallowed up the punters like some eerie evil fog. The band played on through the night, track after track the crowd danced along like mindless zombies. It looked very much like this was going to be the highlight of the year for a lot of them.

With songs old and new they played on relentless. We even had a sneak preview of their new song 'King Of Rock N' Roll'. Yes, after a while the songs do merge into one big dance track, but at the same time you enjoy it all the same. You know it's naff but that doesn't stop you loving it to bits and wanting more.

By 10.30 we arrived at the ultimate track, the one everybody and their granny remembers them best by, 'F1-11'. The room went up in mayhem as slowly it dawned what it was they were playing.

The band left, we cheered for more, they came back on and did indeed give us more. They even persuaded their support act to help them sing along to the chorus. Mad, Bizarre, but over all great fun to watch.

Setlist: Sex Bomb Boogie, Everybody Loves U, 21st Century Boy, Alien Christ, Dancerama, King of Rock 'n' Roll, Alienation, Razz Crazy, Jayne Mansfield, Slave Trade, Love Missile F1-11. Encore: Atari Baby, Supercrook Blues


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