Artist: Silver Ginger 5 

Venue: Northumbria University, Newcastle

Date: 4 November 2001  

Now this was one band we'd waited a very long time to see play our hometown. It may not have been a total sell out, but the hall was packed with a good few people who had turned out to see them play here tonight. There's not that many bands we've seen play the bigger room this year, but tonight SG5 were not only playing in it, but it was good to see that the room was fairly packed out too.

Opening with one of their most popular tracks off their Black Leather Mojo album, the band went straight into Sonic Shake. They stood up there playing away while the room below exploded into a wave of eager fans going totally mental. Right from that first song they had us in the palm of their hands and they knew it. With a grin as big as a Cheshire cat, head honcho Ginger knew he'd made the right decision to bring his latest tour to Geordieland.

3 tracks down the line and we got to hear some of their newer material in the form of W.L.A.M.F. (Walk Like A Mother Fucker). Charming song title for a song that was in essence quite strong, and rather heavier than we've come to expect from this rock band. In fact it sounded not a million miles away from some of the newer Almighty material.

Ginger said hello to all his family and friends that had turned up tonight to see him play. These included the wonderful Danny McCormack (Ex Wildhearts stable mate), Stidi and of course the support band The Jellys. He thanked them all for their friendship and support over the years. Always one to court controversy he just couldn't resist continuing his little speech by giving the fans a lecture of the easiest way to take Hash!

Apparently he favours sticking it into a pepper grinder and putting it onto your food. Saves staining your fingers he told us. Knowing fine well that they last time he graced this particular stage was the night Danny finally lost it to drugs during the Wildhearts set, was this a sly dig at him, the fans, or was he just trying to be a clever b*stard?

Whichever it was it wasn't particularly clever. Taking drugs has never been a clever thing to do and one of these days you'll come a cropper my lad. When you do don't expect us to be any more understanding than you were to Danny.

Later in the set Ginger told us that they'd sold out every show except this one in Newcastle. Well it just goes to show you that Geordies won't pay to see just any old sh*t.

Throughout the whole night we saw the marvellous Connie Bloom entrance us with his almost god-like presence. That man certainly knows his way around a guitar I can tell you! The whole set through he just glideded back and forth across the stage looking as cool as a cucumber and in total control the whole time. To the other side of the stage we saw another popular favourite, fellow Clam Abuse buddy Jon Poole. It doesn't seem that long since we saw Mr. Poole on tour with Ginger on his acoustic tour with fellow nutter Alex Kane from Anti Product.

Nine songs down and one guitar smashed to smithereens. Ever so original Ginger, never seen a rock band do that before! Actually it has been a long time since we'd seen a band do that onstage. I guess this particular individual has raked in too much money from the sale of all those singles and the years of drug abuse have scrambled his brain? The audience enjoyed it and the younger ones among the crowd were treat to sight of a truly possessed man on a mission.

We'd had a great night out the band said their goodbyes and left the stage. Most of us thought that was it, but hell no, the rest of the crowd were still buzzing with the adrenalin off the smashed guitar and were baying for more. They cried out for more and more was what we got!

A full 5 songs more to be exact, together with a full blown debate on whether the wonderful Mr. Bloom should loose him beard or not. I think the outcome was that he could keep it, but I wonder what would have happened if it had gone the other way?

'Last Bastard In Heaven' we were informed was going to be one of the tracks the band would be releasing as a single. Come on Ginger, we love your music, we love the band, but all this single stuff you're keen to do it just a blatant rip off of your die-hard fans. Give us a proper album or nothing at all. You know us Geordies want value for our money and singles are not the way to go!

The set wound up with 'Motorvate', a song we've heard so many bands cover recently, it's fast becoming almost compulsory to include it in a bands set list. Still it's always good to hear a master do it full justice.

Excellent gig, excellent band. Well worth the 8 cover fee. Ginger for goodness sake, forget all those other band side projects you're playing about with, Silver Ginger 5 is as tight as a fishes butt-hole and it's got that wild abandoned party feel to it that we crave soooo much. Keep em coming old boy, but make sure it's in album format!

Setlist: Sonic Shake, Anyway But Maybe, Girls Are Better Than Boys, W.L.A.M.F., I Wanna Be New, Too Many Hippies, Church Of The Broken Hearted, I'm A Lover, California Man, Channel Bop, Encore:, Take It All, Groovus Maximus, Last Bastard, Divine Imperfection, Motorvate


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