Artist:  Spillage

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  8 June 2001 

It had only been 4 months since Spillage had played this venue. Last time it was a dark and dingy Tuesday night and not many people had turned out to see them.

Even so the manager of the venue who was in that night was very impressed by these young lads. So much so that the minute they stepped off stage he asked their manager if they would like to play one Friday night where a bigger crowd would be more likely to turn up.

He'd seen the band perform and liked their style and the passion with which they played. He saw their potential and he invited them back.

So here we are a few months down the line and the band are back.

It's a Friday night and the place is starting to fill up. Strangely enough this isn't the usual Friday night crowd we normally see at this venue. Neither is it the young groupies the band tends to have following them around from gig to gig.

No, tonight we have a more mature crowd of rockers. They've heard the rumours about this band and have come along to see if it's true or not. Urban myth or more urban legends in the making?

The band look strangely older and grown up in their own little way as they stand before us on the stage here tonight. They are as ready as they'll ever be to give it their all and open the set with the very popular 'Assassination'.

The song goes down well and they start to relax a bit as they carry on through the rest of the set. A couple of lads start to dance in front of the stage and the band seem relieved to see people up enjoying the set.

The whole sound of the band is so much more mature and professional than that of some of their earlier gigs we've witnessed. It's surprising just how far they have progressed in such a short space of time.
Not sure if this was largely due to the fact that tonight they only did two covers, with the rest of the set being all their own material.

If I had to describe Spillage and their own music it would have to be Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. It's heads down and shake the sawdust out of your head time.

The songs are well constructed and credit must be given to them for their almost faultless performance here tonight. Granted not everyone's taste in rock but if you like your music on the heavy side then try and check these young chaps out sometime.

We've seen them a few times before and hopefully we will be seeing them a lot more in the future. They may be young but they do have the potential to become something bigger. Plus you know they always give a good solid performance and you always come out feeling like you've had your moneys worth.

Setlist: Assassination, The Kid, Fury, Judith, Kids Doubt, Trust in Me, Apocalypse, I'm Broken, Drift


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