Artist:  Stevie James

Venue: Manchester Students Union, Manchester

Date: 29 September 2001  

Now I am one of those fortunate people who remembers Tigertailz, when this guy was in the lipstick wearing, high-heeled tapping, glam rock band.

And yes I am old enough to have seen them when he was the lead singer back in the late 80's early 90's. I used to think they were fantastic and when he formed his own outfit Jamez Gang, when he left the Tailz; I even went to see them too. (But to be honest, they weren't a patch on the Welsh glam gods of the past.) Never the less, we went to see him supporting LA Guns and I entered the room with an open mind as I knew that once upon a time he had been bloody good.

The band came on stage about 8ish in a mist of dry ice. Stevie ran on from the stage left, looking like a cross between a Raggedy Anne in his cut off pin striped pants and Jemima tights, and a blue denim jacketed, long haired, Iggy Pop.

He burst straight into song, getting the crowd warmed, screaming "allll rigghhhttt" at us all. I was quite pleasantly surprised as he jumped about the stage screaming at the audience and getting them to sing a long to "Cat on a Hot tin Roof" which was very like a good Tailz song.

He still is a pure entertainer. He warmed to the crowd getting cheekier and more rash but still trying his hardest to entertain them to the full.

He kept leaping around the stage like a frog in red n black stripy tights falling on his knees to receive sufficiently huge holes in the for said tights and probably the bruises the next day to warrant them.

The songs were good, happy and cheery which was good fun and what you want when you go and see a band because lets face it you do want to go and see someone who depresses the pants off you.

The performance that he gave was pretty outstanding, especially when you think that he was just the support band. The other noticeable thing about the gig was on his final song there seemed to be rather a lot of bananas ascending from the back of the stage!!! What the relevance of the bananas was I haven't got a clue. But then more fruit seem to soar into the audience too. Very strange, but very funny.

 In a nutshell, it was a good gig. Nice and lively, good tunes and rocking melodies to sing along too. As an after thought though, I think that he should get rid of the image of the stripy tights - the music was good enough anyway to hold it's own, so the image of the tights could most definitely go the journey.

Get the old PVC's out Stevie, they suit you better.


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