Artist: Sunna, Crackout & Miocene

Venue: Newcastle University, Newcastle

Date: 26 February 2001  

After walking up thousands of stairs to get to the room, it was packed out! This being an all ages show, there were hundreds of kids that looked as thought they should have been in bed! By the amount of chart-metal merchandise that was on display tonight, you would have been forgiven for thinking that it was one of these bands tonight. Wrong! What we have in front of us tonight are three of the UK's hottest new metal hopes:

Young brit 3 piece Crackout take to the stage, the crowd is pretty quiet until the second or third song when they get active and a mini mosh pit forms in front of the stage. They play 30 minutes and the crowd seem happy.

Miocene are second band on. They are being touted as one of the UK's brightest young metal bands - (they have recently secured a support slot on Mudvayne's UK tour). Playing songs from their debut EP Refining the Theory - which is well worth a listen.

After endearing themselves to the crowd by telling them to buy their EP or just download it from Napster, they launched into their set.

They have something new to offer to the current nu-metal craze, the vocalist has a very distinctive and unique style, going from Deftones style machine gun raps to strange eastern sounding wailing! - The song 'Rivets' is a prime example of this. Keep an eye out for this band they might just make it big!

The headliners took to the stage around 10pm. Expectations were high to say the least, would they be able to recreate the majestic sounds from their excellent debut album - One Minute Silence, as well in a live setting? The answer was a resounding YES, the sound quality was fantastic. The atmosphere was electric.

They started the set off with 'I'm not trading', and it sounded even better live than it does on CD. The music was actually enhanced by the dj/programmer, who instead of just providing tuneless scratching noises - like virtually every nu-metal act, enhanced the songs with samples and atmospheric sound effects.

The songs came thick and fast, the band was incredibly tight and the music was as good if not better than their recorded material. From the beginning the crowd was 100% into the band and this was showed by the amount of bodies flying through the air, and moshing as if life itself depended on it!

The set came to an end with the chilled out 'One Conditioning' which starts like a music box, but is hiding a monster of a song that eventually escapes! The only criticism that can be made of tonight is that the venue was far too small for a band like Sunna! They have such a massive sound, it demands to be unleashed in a bigger venue!

If you like A Perfect Circle you will love this band, or if you want a break from the tedium of 'nu-metal', give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

Setlist: I'm not trading, Grape, O.D., Power struggle, Ache, 7%, Guinea, Insanity pulse, One conditioning


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