Artist: The Force 

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle 

Date: 15 march 2001  

These veterans of all things rock have tonight come to play the North East's favourite rock bar Trillians. The Force are well known throughout both the North East and the UK as a whole as one of the more established cover bands over the years. They know what they are good at and they have stuck to it.

Not for them are the bright lights that beckon so many others who try to break into the world of rock with their own material.

The Force are good at the covers they do, they carry them well and so they continue to do this.

The crowd here tonight are largely 30 and older. Which isn't such a bad thing as it means that those who have turned out are more relaxed and just here for a good night out with a classy band who are going to bring back happy memories of yester-year by playing all their old favourites.

Well no one could complain at the gig we were given here tonight. If you are over 30 then you would know all the songs like the back of your hand and chances are you would have most in your own personal record collection.

For the few that were younger, well they enjoyed themselves, even if they did have to keep asking what the songs were from the older ones amongst us.

This impressive band consisted of the mighty Mick Hunter on lead vocals. Behind him we saw Franco Zuccaroli on drums. Then the remaining band members were lead guitarists Phil Thorell and Dave Shaw. Both of whom we saw take the position of lead singer throughout the two sets they did.

Although this may sound like a strange thing for a band to do it actually works exceedingly well as all three vocalists take turns in playing the guitars and also singing. Each has a very different and very individual sound to his voice, thus meaning they can cover a wider variety of songs without anyone of them sounding naff basically.

Their sound is most definitely Classic Rock, even their own music sounds like it was etched in the very corner stone of time. If this is your kind of music then you'll have a good night out at one of their many gigs.

Setlist included: Red Barchetta, Jacobs Farm, Boys are back in Town, Doctor Doctor, I Surrender, Purple Haze, Burn, Don't believe Me, Spirit of Radio.

They did actually sing a lot more covers as well as a few of their own songs. But by that time I was up dancing and was having too much of a good time to keep stopping to write them down for you! If you want to hear the rest of their sets you will just have to come along and watch them yourselves next time! lol.

*The Force would like us to point out that their setlists for all their gigs include not only covers but also a large proportion of their own material.

They do in fact have two very good albums out which are available at their gigs called Breakin' Free (live) and Different Worlds. Both of these albums feature original material - with one exception - Action by The Sweet. The band pride themselves on their ability to work at all levels, ranging from little pubs to the Newcastle City Hall and even Wembley.


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