Artist: The Jelly's

Venue: Northumbria University, Newcastle

Date: 4 November 2001  

Like long lost friends The Jellys took to centre stage. Most bands would feel intimidated by being the support act for such a hugely popular band like Silver Ginger 5, but not this band.

It feels like they've always been around and they are very well known, as well as loved, by the punters here tonight.

Dressed in matching black pant and shirts, but with a bright red tie hung neatly around their necks, they looked the epitome of sharp.

The songs came thick and fast as the band showed us just what a good time rock n' roll band are supposed to sound like. Littered with good humour between the songs there was no stopping them once they got going.

It's hard to believe the lead singer wasn't a fully blown resident Geordie like the rest of us. Moving to the UK at the tender age of 15 from the very beautiful Samoa, he certainly confirmed what we already knew that Samoa is where the happy people come from. By the big cheesy grin on his face you could never accuse him of being miserable, what a happy young man.

The songs flooded out across the room and got everyone in the mood for the good night ahead of them. The band really knows how to set you up for the night and got the pace just right. Joking about their ever-popular song 'Just Like Sunshine', they said it was the musical equivalent of a stotty cake.

It's refreshing to see this band haven't let ego's overshadow their development like so many others in their genre pool.

The band are fun, the band are extremely talented. They know how to give you a good time and soon got a great atmosphere going in the hall here tonight.

With songs like 'Fire Fly' and 'Kings In Garage Land', if you want a good night out and want to see a good band live then look no further than these cheeky chaps.

They may not be as fresh faced as they were when they first started out, but their music and sense of fun have not been tainted over the years. Brilliant!


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