Artist:  Vaughn

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle

Date:  20 August 2001 

By the time Vaughn came onstage the crowd had mellowed out a bit, having been well and truly coaxed into submission by support act Blow Up.

Once again the bar was packed with die hard fans who were here to see Vaughn and they already knew that this was one gig were you are guaranteed the entrance cover is money well spent.

The night was opened with the atmospheric 'Bad Water' taken from their album Soldiers and Sailors on Riverside. This has become one of those tracks that the instant it starts you recognize it and it sets the mood just right for the night ahead.

The band were a good half way through the tour when they road into town to play this venue and by the happy looks on their faces it seemed the tour had gone extremely well.

Later on Danny said that this had been his most successful tour to date and that the whole band had thoroughly enjoyed playing each and every venue on it. You can always tell when a tour is going well because the bands tend to relax and enjoy themselves so much more.
When they are happy they play better, when they play better we are happy, when we are happy they are happy.

And so it was that we were all very happy and they did indeed play extremely well. It was like watching your local hero's play their hometown seeing these lads here tonight.

Of course they don't come from Newcastle, they don't even come from the UK, but they looked so much at home and the fans really did treat them like long missed friends it was wonderful to be a part of it.

I wonder if we were the only ones that gasped in amazement when we saw how young Jamie looked on this tour. It was as if he'd been in some clinic in Arizona for a shot of eternal youth.

Gone was the facial hair; gone was the nervous look he had the last time they toured. Here was a young man looking radiant with inner happiness. It was such a delight to see, as he is such a smashing person both musically and personally.

The music flowed and the crowd pushed ever forward, forgetting the coolness they had shown the support act at the beginning of the night.

It wasn't until the third song into the set that we got to hear one of the newer songs of their new album. 'A Million Miles Of Road' has a good strong opening beat that gets you bopping and wanting to sing along from the start.

They really know what songs they need to present to us to keep us happy and this is going to be one of those tracks that become a strong favourite amongst each and every fan of theirs.

It's a good dance track too as well as being very radio friendly. The radio stations really do not have any excuses not to play them when they are putting out such quality songs as this.

Sadly the new album was nowhere to be found. Puzzled by this the fans pushed the band for answers and Danny was forced to admit that the new album 'Reckless' had not appeared as quickly as it maybe should have.

They, like their fans, were not very amused at this but I guess problems with distribution at Z Records must have held things up a bit. Danny laughed and suggested maybe they should get Harry Potter to make it appear. This seemed to go down well and calmed a lot of disappointed fans down a bit.

They said that this was an informal and fun gig for them to do. There would be no topless ballet dancers performing onstage behind clouds of smoke tonight, although they did admit they would quite have enjoyed it!

You really have to hand it to Danny Vaughn, not only is he a very talented singer and mighty impressive performer, but he also knows how to bond with the people around him.

This is one of those gigs where you would never hear a grumble from the fans about the bands performance, let alone have a heckler in the crowd. They give you their all and then some and in return we give them our loyalty and a huge amount of respect.

'Burning Down Inside' came out like a triumphant explosion of recognition and tradition. It really wouldn't be the same if they ever dropped these old Tyketto favourites. These are the songs that have remained true in the hearts of the fans; the ones that kept them going while Vaughn were in the cradle stages.

These are the ones that the clubs still remember to play and after hearing some of the newer material here tonight it won't be long before some of their newer material soon starts appearing on the rotation lists as well.

PJ treated us to a wonderful guitar solo shortly before they launched into another one of their new tracks 'Just Like That'. Yet another catchy, upbeat, gem by this band. Their new material was starting to sound extremely promising by this time and although we couldn't buy the new album here tonight, I know that there will be a queue a mile long once it is finally available.

Kyle, bless his cotton socks, came out from behind the keyboard and really got down to some serious tambourine shaking, much to the delight of his legion of females fans who had amassed at the front of the stage.

'Haunted' we were told was a song written by Danny on his last tour over here. He admitted he always thinks of his time over in the UK when they play this song. The song was loud and proud and was as good as any of his Tyketto material if not better.

I think we can finally admit that the band are no longer standing in the shadows of his former band, instead they are big, they are strong, and their songs show depth and maturity. If they continue to grow this way they will survive a good few years and their dedicated followers will grow in numbers also.

The best news of the night came in the form of an announcement that they would be back here to play for us in February 2002. Yeh!

Now we really do have something to look forward to in the New Year! Their only request was that we kept the good weather we are currently having for when they return. Oh well, guess they better bring an extra jumper just incase

As if the night had not been memorable enough, not only did they do a good long set, but they then went on to do an encore of another 3 songs to well and truly top the night off.

Whoah, what a night! Thanks guys and make sure you bring over those huskies for the trip in February.

Setlist: Bad Water, Rescue Me, Million Miles Of Road, Is That All There Is?, Fly Away, Shadowland, Burning Down Inside, Just Like That, Word For Word, Haunted, Standing Alone, Was There A Moment, Forever Young.  Encore: (Acoustic Song) The Last Sunset, Sail Away


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