Artist: Diamond Head & Fury UK

Venue: Trillians Rock Bar, Newcastle   

Date: 28 May 2007  

Well it’s a Tuesday night and what is normally a dead night is about to become alive as one of the most hallowed NWOBHM bands Diamond Head returns after a five-year wait.

The normal formality of support slot was filled by the three-piece sensation from Manchester Fury UK, who just blew me and quite a few others away tonight with the guitar fuelled hard rock.

The band led by the flighty fingers of Chris Appleton whose deft guitar playing was just one of the highlights of the bands performance, and with fellow band mates Adz Galloway on drums and Marc Dawson on bass, the band set out their task to impress from the off as they opened their account with ‘Krueger’ and instantly I was impressed with Appleton’s deft guitar playing.

Things went from strength the strength as they continued their set with ‘Natural Disaster’, which saw bassist Dawson take a wander around the venue to get up close and personal with the audience.  Then it was straight into another excellent song ‘Mercenaries’, but one of songs of the set for me had to be the next one the quite superb ‘Hear No Evil’, with Appleton and Dawson sharing vocal duties on this monster.

The set continued with the heavier ‘Breakthrough’ and the title track of their first album ‘My Tomorrow’, before rounding off with one of the best new metal tracks from a young and up and coming band the showstopper ‘Death By Lightning’, which rounded off a great set and one I'm sure won the band many new fans tonight and one which will see me checking them out again hopefully in the not too distant future.

Now to the main event Diamond Head, who I must admit since their Canterbury release I haven’t heard that much of, but after tonight’s show I’m going to rectify as they just rocked!

Even though like many of the bands of the NWOBHM era the band are down to just one of two original members, they refuse to lay down and die and carry on regardless as long as there is fire in their bellies.

The only remaining member of the original line-up is founding member Brian Tatler who can still rip up a fret board like there’s no tomorrow and with fellow band mates Karl Wilcox, who has actually been with the band since 1985 and Eddie Moohan not long behind him, with the newest members being former Notorious frontman Nick Tart joining the band in 2004, replacing original front man Sean Harris and the new boy in the pack is guitarist Andy Abberley, who completes the now new look Diamond Head, and what a fantastic line-up they make.

Now after the history lesson it's back to the show.  As the band come on to the diminutive Trillians stage they are welcomed by an almighty cheer by the crowd as they opened up the set with the thunderously catchy 'Mine All Mine', which was quickly followed by a classic, the one that got it all started ‘Lighting To The Nations’, with Tart showing what a great vocalist he really is as he just belted out the classic as if he was there at the beginning.  The band kept the nostalgia trip going with another all time great the superb ‘The Prince’, which still sounded great after all these years.

It was time for some more recent stuff as the band went back to their 2005 album ‘All Will Be Revealed’ for ‘Give It To Me’, by this time their were a few heads bobbing down at the front and they continued to bob as the band continued with a song off the bands forthcoming album ‘What’s In Your Head’ with the excellent ‘This Planet And Me’, a song that brings the whole Diamond Head sound up to date with some great guitar work by Tatler.

Then it was once again back to the classic material with a superb rendition of ‘To The Devil His Due’, as this song shows, as with many of the original material, the band really were years ahead of their time musically.

It was back to the new album for the thunderously heavy tones of ‘Skin On Skin’ then we were in for a real treat as the band threw back the years with the trio ‘Sucking My Love’, ‘Helpless’ and ‘It's Electric’, before putting the icing on the cake as Hart asked the crowd “ARE YOU EVIL NEWCASTLE?!?” and at once we all knew what was coming next as a mass of headbangers surrounded the stage the band went into ‘Am I Evil, which capped off a great set.

Wilcox remained on stage and asked the crowd if they wanted more and more we got.  As the band returned to cap off the night with ‘Streets of Gold’, which just went down a storm, as did all the songs tonight.  I for one can't wait to hear the new album when it comes out because the songs we heard tonight really impressed me.

So the NWOBHM refuses to die and with Saxon touring a few weeks ago and both the likes of Blitzkrieg and The Tygers of Pan Tang soon to do shows in Newcastle, this year let's us hope the tide is turning once more as once again we can salute British Metal at its finest.



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