Band: Crucified Barbara, Supercharger & Junkstars

Venue: The Boston Arms, London

Date: 12 October 2014



If you love the rawness of The Runaways, Crucified Barbara is the next generation of girls who know how to kick some serious ass on stage as they proved during their set at The Boston Arms in London on Sunday, 12th October. If you missed it, don’t be sad just yet as you can read all about it here. 

The first band up that night were Junkstars from Sweden who got the crowd all heated up and ready. Their sound reminded of the likes of The Sex Pistols and The Clash mixed with occasional guitar solos, catchy but heavy guitar riffs and a rough, punkish voice. Their description of their sound including a “touch of Johnny Cash on speed” definitely held true. 

But besides that, their energy and interaction with the crowd quickly got the latter to switch from silent to shouting and singing along and raising their fists which leads me to the next band that raised the bar a bit more. 

Supercharger was up next. A Danish band that has tried to place themselves as a “must-see live act” and they definitely lived up to that aspiration. Sound-wise they are really hard to place into a box though. They combine elements of hard rock with vocals that switch between a soothing voice à la Ville Valo, sleazy vocals similar to Crashdiet’s Simon Cruz and screaming parts and when you think you have them figured out, they start playing a Lynyrd Skynyrd type of song that includes harmonica. 

The only thing you can be sure of with this band is a catchy drum beat, heavy guitars and songs that will make you want to sing and shout along. Together with their energetic performance and great interaction with the crowd that included bumping fists, shaking hands and looking their fans straight in the eyes - basically enjoying the show with them, their performance ended up being a great experience for both. Definitely a “must-see live act” with a show you could imagine in an arena but with the intimacy of a small venue. 

But that was not the only band in this set that offered such a great live performance. Main act of the night, Crucified Barbara kicked some serious ass with theirs. Also an arena feel but with an energy that could be compared to Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” - raw, wild and in-your-face. Those girls know how to rock ‘n’ roll and it also showed in the crowd’s response. Within seconds the audience was moving along, jumping and singing along to catchy tunes like “Rock Me Like The Devil” or their newest hit “I Sell My Kids For Rock ‘N’ Roll”. 

Crucified Barbara combine heavy guitars with a fast rhythm that is topped off with Mia Coldheart’s incredible voice that has a roughness and cheekiness to it that reminds of a crossover between Lemmy and Joan Jett. Definitely a must-see act live and a must-listen-to band. 

So if you get a chance to still catch them on their “In The Red” tour, make sure you do. You won’t regret it because once you watch these girls rock the stage you’ll be amazed and empowered to get wild within seconds. For all of you who can’t see them live this year, make sure to follow them on Facebook or Twitter (@CrucifiedBarbar) and check out their new record “In The Red” on iTunes, Amazon or Spotify. Seeing them live is like the cherry on top to an already great sound you can listen to on either their record or online.

To follow Supercharger, click here for their Facebook and here for their Twitter (@SuperChargerDK). You can find Junkstars on Facebook here and Twitter (@thejunkstars) here.

Review by: Anna Honey




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